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LOCO BC empowers local businesses to be environmentally sustainable, socially engaged, and profitable

Janel Johnson
Feb 8th, 2012

Photo by Sara Dent

Can environmental sustainability, community engagement and the buy-local movement really increase profits for local businesses and help them compete in the global market? LOCO BC founder and business and sustainability consultant, Amy Robinson, knows so.

 She founded LOCO BC after working for 12 years with big and small businesses on sustainability issues overseas, with the UN, and in Metro Vancouver.  Everywhere she went, she found something was amiss.

Says Robinson, “I could see how this whole sustainability movement focuses on the environmental side, sometimes on the social side, but never on the economic side. The business pillar was missing”

Robinson founded LOCO BC in 2009 to educate consumers, buyers, businesses and government about the importance of local ownership and what’s known as the “multiplier effect.” Local business owners tend to purchase higher level services like marketing and finance in their own communities. They hire local labour whereas big multi-national organizations centralize services.

VO's Main Street: where history meets hipsters

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Jun 2nd, 2011

Photos by Parisa Azadi



Main Street: Where History meets Hipster

When the No. 03 trolley bus rounds the bend at 18th and Main -- revealing a stunning panorama of red brick and Edwardian storefronts, punctuated by silver church spires and surrounded by blue snow-capped mountains -- I pretend for a moment I’m in the Eastern townships of Quebec. Or a mid-west manufacturing town. For a brief second, as the stone-and-brick Heritage Hall rises onto the horizon with its copper-green steeples and clock tower, the illusion is complete. Main Street, once voted “the street that looks least like Vancouver” by the Georgia Straight, is truly the most quintessential of Vancouver streets.

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