Just Between Us

What Canada Day means for me: an immigrant's view

Singing “O Canada” filled me with the kind of gratitude shipwreck survivors must feel when they kiss solid ground.

Olivia Chow to speak in Vancouver about life, loss, faith and art

"In Chinese languages there is no past or future tense, just a sort of infinite tense. Jack is now part of that infinite tense. But I live in the present tense.”

Doris Lessing: how the Nobel Prize winning storyteller kept me reading

It was the intensely personal nature of her fiction, its emotional depth and intricacy, that kept me reading.

Palm Springs: bonfire of the banalities

This is the California desert. In August. When no one in his right mind would choose to be here.

To e- or not to e-(Book): when writers take on the publishing world

Something in me still misses seeing my book in the window of a bookstore, owned by someone who knows my name.

Istanbul protests:“Ordinary people, marching everywhere”

“We are making history,” says a protester marching through Istanbul.

Indie-rocker and BC Conservative Duane Nickull challenges Premier Christy Clark in Point Grey

With platinum blond hair and pierced ears, environmentalist and software developer Duane Nickull doesn’t look remotely like your typical Conservative.

Studio notes: a painting dream

In the dream, I sit in front of a large painting of two irregular rectangular shapes.

The True Heroines: Naked launch at the Rio

Real Vancouver Housewives, eat your heart out.

When influenza takes over

Flu is the thing we hope to avoid each winter, and whose vaccine we either get or don’t depending upon our opinions.
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