Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology film back on track

Paul Thomas Anderson (right), Photo courtesy of

Scientology is getting big-screen attention.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, The Master, is inspired by the controversial  religious movement, which counts big Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise and John Travolta as its members.

"Although the movie may not be explicitly about Scientology, it sounds like Hoffman’s character resembles L. Ron Hubbard, man who founded Church of Scientology, closely enough for the film to make its point," reports the National Post.

But film studios are turning their backs.

It was shunned by The Weinstein Company and Universal Studios. Apparently Universal thought that there were some problems with the script, writes Slash Film.

However, it's not all a sob story for this movie.

Megan Ellison's 'Annapurna Productions' is backing it up and has offered to finance the movie. This on-again, off-again project has finally gotten the green light, according to National Post.

Slash Film states that The Master will not be its final title. And that the earlier draft has been altered.

What we do know is that Harvey Weinstein has purchased worldwide rights to the shaky production.

Harvey Weinstein

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix have two key roles and that The Master is to start shooting in June.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Joaquin Phoenix

That is if it stays on...

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One was already made on the subject

Wasn't one already made called 'The Profit' that purported to NOT be about Scientology but really was?  Oh yeah the church got enough legal force behind it to almost completely bury it from ever seeing a ray of sunshine... too bad it was leaked to the internet, which even the original owners of the film were aghast about (and I believe were in legal hot water because of it). How will this fare any different? (I've kept my name off this because I have seen 'The Profit' and yes I am aware of the legal/not-illegal but should be, means the church uses)