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B.C. First Nations slam the brakes on Premier’s LNG plans

The defiant actions of a young, tough-talking First Nations woman in northeast B.C. last week are galvanizing B.C. Aboriginal opposition to the fast-tracking of LNG development.

Four charts reveal gigantic climate impact from proposed Kinder Morgan mega-pipeline

Trying to sweep billions of tonnes of climate pollution under the rug requires ever more extreme measures.

Satellite studios for teens

Emily Carr University has entered into two new partnerships to deliver the first ever Satellite Studios for Teens that will run outside the Lower Mainland. Developed and taught by University...

Moving in a Livable Region: Tomorrow's Vancouver commute

Claire Havens, Project Manager for Moving in a Livable Region
Get involved in Vancouver's transportation future.

UN/A brings 3 world premiers to Queen Elizabeth Theatre as climax of Ballet BC season

Three premiers by international choreographers Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Cayetano Soto and Montreal’s Gioconda Barbuto to close Ballet BC season, April 24-26.

Best Vancouver Restaurants: a strip club makes the cut

You probably don't associate strip clubs with high quality food, but the food program is light years ahead of the straight-off-the-Sysco-truck menus of similar establishments.

Johnny Depp’s mind turns arrogant in Transcendence, Jude Law gets nasty in Dom Hemingway and Bears charm for Earth Day

Transcendence offers a thin debate on the potential and the danger of artificial intelligence.

Laureen Harper dismisses missing Indigenous women issue while speaking at cat video festival (VIDEO)

"If you'd like to donate to animals, we'd love to take your money," Harper shot back at an audience member who interrupted her speech at an cat video festival in Toronto.

On Charter's 32nd anniversary, Lost Canadians continue to be denied citizenship rights

Some legitimate Canadians -- including some First Nations individuals -- continued to be denied citizenship based on arbitrary factors such as their parent's gender.

Vancouver cat cafe slinks closer to reality with Catfé crowdfunding push

Michelle Furbacher & friend
A cat café in Vancouver: this could actually happen, folks. It's to the benefit of both cat-lovers and felines in need of some love.

Gladstone Business students win Enactus UBC Business Competition with “Fair Wallet”

Gladstone Business
A student-designed water resistant wallet composed of post-consumer materials (made from milk cartons and water bottles) takes the top prize.

Nanaimo says, "No," to Metro Vancouver's incinerator proposal

Just days after the city of Kitimat soundly rejected the Northern Gateway pipeline project, the citizens of Nanaimo have sent a clear message to Metro Vancouver over a proposal for a garbage...

10 overlooked reasons to celebrate cannabis culture

'Four-twenty', one of the most popular nicknames for cannabis, got its name from the time of day a group of high school students in San Rafael, California, would gather for a toke. From that...

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Fiona Grieve's Guide

In a city where multi-million dollar start-up budgets aren't uncommon, it's reassuring to know that a former server can open a new restaurant with nothing more than community support, hard work and...

Victory over Enbridge celebrated in Kitimat (NEW VIDEO)

Haisla girl - Kitimat plebiscite vote result gathering - Mychaylo Prystupa
"It doesn't get much more grassroots than this," MP Nathan Cullen said, as people sang and beat drums in the background.

Obama's Keystone XL delay forces Harper into the "choose first" hot seat

Sudden role reversal leaves Obama watching and Harper in the lose-lose hot seat. Maybe that was the plan all along…

Straw poll shows divided support for $480 million Metro Van garbage incinerator

What some politicians are really saying (and not saying) behind the scenes at Metro Vancouver, as bureaucrats continue to push forward with plans for a new garbage incinerator.

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition unites loggers, farmers, miners against rampant LNG development

Loggers, miners, farmers, guide outfitters and commercial, sport and recreational fishermen band together to protect northern BC from rampant development.

Protect Great Bear Rainforest creatures from trophy hunters and pipelines

The economic and social case is there to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. All that's missing is a political will.

After Vancouverism: a conversation with Larry Beasley at the Gwerk Salon

Larry Beasley suggests an "intense, dense" future for Vancouver.

Obama delays Keystone XL decision, again

The announcement comes days after prominent Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, including former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, urged the Obama administration to reject the pipeline.

First Nations-led alternative to Enbridge Northern Gateway faces challenges

"I've never even heard of the Eagle Spirit project until Monday, and suddenly, it has First Nations' support?" A Burns Lake Band councillor questions consulting process around pipeline project.

Adriane Carr wants public to vote on Vancouver's captive dolphins and whales

Cetacean conversation: Adriane Carr wants the people to weigh in on whales.

Cayoose Creek band refuses to cede salmon-spawning territory

Sekw'el'was Chief Michelle Edwards says the community won't leave the creek until their demand for meaningful consultation is met

New music concerts in Vancouver cultivate the sacred, the creative, and the weird

Some people find contemporary music hard to understand, but like the gardens of Vancouver, true beauty resides in making the extra effort.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates call on Obama to reject Keystone XL

“You stand on the brink of making a choice that will define your legacy on one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced -- climate change,” the Laureates wrote to Obama.