Imperial Metals Mount Polley disaster could cost $500 million, but only $14 million in bonds now available to cover

If the company were to go bankrupt this year, the government has $14.5 million dollars to recoup the cleanup costs, which are expected to be minimally $50 million. So who pays the rest?

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Police investigate home invasion by robber with gun

Ongoing investigation into what may be a targeted crime.

Vancouver named North America's most livable city, but...

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Mining Minister announces independent review of Imperial Metals' Mount Polley disaster

Mining Minister Bill Bennett pledges to "take responsibility" if his ministry's negligence is found to have contributed to the Mount Polley tailings breach.

Why B.C. can expect more Mount Polley-style disasters

If the breach of the Mount Polley tailings pond can bring anything into sharper focus, it is that our relationship with industry in this province is heading in the wrong direction.