Canadians cheat death in Boston Marathon explosions: Eyewtiness accounts emerge

Eyewitness accounts and media are emerging from the Boston Marathon bomb blasts on April 17, 2013. 2,000 Canadians ran in the race.

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Video footage of Boston Marathon bomb blasts.

As law enforcement and news outlets scramble to make sense of the two explosions that rocked the 2013 Boston Marathon, eyewitness accounts and media are emerging, shedding new light on the blasts that killed at least three and wounded over 150 more.

The two explosions occurred at the Boston Marathon Finish line, after most of the runners had already completed the course. The bombs went off in quick succession, roughly 100 meters apart.

Initial reports suggested a third blast at the JFK Library, but it may have been just a fire, from which no injuries have been reported.

The suspect's name has not yet been released: the NY Post describes him as a 20-year-old Saudi national. [Update: the young man who was detained and had his apartment searched was only a witness. The New Yorker ponders racial profiling in his detention.]

Dan Lampariello (@Boston_to_a_T on Twitter) shot what is so far the most-shared photo, which captures the second explosion as it occurred.


Fast Company contributor Fred Milgrim has been posting photos and brief interviews from the aftermath:

The Boston Globe posted video footage of the explosions, which you can see above. Also, a Reddit thread points to a photo gallery wtih extremely graphic content.

Canadians cheat death in Boston

Out of 27,000 runners, roughly 2,000 were Canadian. Vancouver resident Scott Rintoul, who hosts a radio show on 1040AM, had run the Boston Marathon, having completed the course an hour before the blasts. Fellow Vancouverite Mark Rosenberg was a lot closer: he had just finished his run, and was in the post-race refreshment area when the chaos struck.

Conservative MP Brian Leef was also present: he described the aftermath of the explosions as "total chaos". Torontonian runner Paul Cloutier's decision to grab a coffee before buying a souvenir is what saved his life.

A friend of the VO was also in Boston, and heard the two explosions from just a few blocks away.

He tells us,

I heard a "boom" which sounded too much like an explosion (and less like thunder) followed by another "boom" and looked out my window (16th floor at 330 Beacon Street, at the corner of Fairfield Street -- facing Mandarin Oriental hotel on Boylston).

I saw the puff of smoke from the 1st explosion that set of in front of Lenscrafters/Marathon Sports -- I did not see smoke from the 2nd explosion that happened up the street toward Eastern Mountain Sports.

Finding loved ones after the Boston Marathon blasts

You can use the Google Person Finder or Red Cross Safe & Well to contact loved ones, whether you were in Copley Square or if you're looking for someone who was. Canadians seeking Canadians can call 1 (800) 387-3124 or email [email protected].
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