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Middle East

Muslim Rage

#MuslimRage counters anti-Islam media with humourous tweets

Less than a week after North American Muslims called for a civil rights movement, Newsweek is serving it up.

Southern neighbourhoods of Damascus in Syria declared disaster areas

The Syrian Revolution Coordinators Union declared various southern neighbourhoods of Damascus as “disaster areas” after further casualties.

Syrian regime threatens the people of Daraa province

The Syrian authorities sent short messages to the mobile phones of the people of Daraa province reading "be a wise person and drop down your weapon, the Syrian Arab Army is coming for you." ...

Mass protests revived in Syria against Assad regime

Mass demonstrations renewed across the country chanting slogans against Assad’s regime and demanding its downfall.

Syrian regime forces murder of 15 Palestinians in Damascus

Activists said that Syrian regime forces raided the Damascus suburb of Yalda near the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, killing more than 36 civilians including 15 Palestinian refugees.

Rebels form Syria’s Liberation Front

Rebel groups from Damascus, Idlib, Hama, Homs and Deir Azzour announced the formation of “Syria’s Liberation Front” as an umbrella organization.

Syrian National Council condemns the execution of army soldiers in Aleppo

The SRC condemned the violation committed by the rebel Salman Al-Farsi battalion following the execution of 20 army soldiers in Aleppo.

Rebels form the Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo

Commander-in-Chief of al-Tawheed Brigade Abdul-Kader Saleh and Colonel Abdul-Jabar Okaidy announced the formation of the new council.

Two bomb attacks shake the city of Aleppo

Scores of soldiers were killed and dozens more injured in two bomb attacks that targeted two military points in the northern city of Aleppo. A rebel group claimed responsibility for these attacks...

Syrian diplomats defect from Assad regime to opposition

Two more diplomats announced their defection to the opposition side, the latest in the series of defections from Assad’s regime in the last two months.