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Syria's Assad regime issues orders to kill foreign journalists

Japanese journalist Mika Yamamoto who was shot dead by a sniper in Aleppo last month.

Commander-in-chief of al-Tawheed Brigade said that the Assad regime issued orders to kidnap and kill foreign journalists; this information was obtained after questioning one of the detainees who claimed responsibility for the murder of Japanese journalist Mika Yamamoto in Aleppo last month.

According to senior American officials, Iran has resumed the shipping of military supplies to Syria over Iraqi airspace since last month in an effort to support the embattled government of Assad as rebels continue to gain ground. Additionally, there have been reliable reports that Iraqi Shiite militia fighters are now making their way to Syria to help the Assad government.
General Awad Ahmad Ali, commander-in-chief of the criminal security branch in Damascus fled to Turkey to join rebel fighters. Meanwhile, fighting raged between rebel fighters and regime forces in several towns and neighbourhoods of the capital whereby rebels managed to shoot down another helicopter gunship.
Another car bomb exploded in the Baramkeh area in central Damascus targeting the premises of al-Baath party, no casualties were reported.
Regime forces continued their extrajudicial executions in the capital, killing dozens of civilians in the neighbourhood of Jobar and the provincial towns of Jesrain, Mleiha, Ain Tarma, Yalda, Kafarbatna, Bibila, Yabroud, Douma and Zamalka. Meanwhile, they resumed the shelling of the neighbourhoods of Jobar, Tadamon, Qadam, Yarmouk and the Palestine refugee camp in addition to raiding the town of Kanaker and carrying out sweeps and arbitrary arrests.
In Aleppo, regime forces summarily executed 45 civilians after arresting and torturing them in front of their families in a new tactic to terrorize them and pressure them to stop supporting the rebels. Meanwhile, scores of people died and many more injured including women and children as regime forces resumed aerial attacks on the neighbourhoods of Marjeh, Bustan Basha, Sukari, Masaken Hanano, Bab al-Hadid, Sha’ar, al-Bab Road, Ma’adi, Itha’a, Bab Nerab and Zebdiay.
More than 1000 fighters participated in the attack on the Hamdan military airport in the city of Boukamal in the province of Deir Azzour. Rebel fighters continue to surround the airport and heavy fighting is still going on. Meanwhile, rebel fighters captured the military checkpoints of Ma’amel and Salhiya in the Hasaka-Deir Azzour road. However, regime forces continued their heavy bombardment of residential neighbourhoods of Hamidiya and Sheikh Yasin in the city of Deir Azzour as well as the towns of Jalaa and Masalakha in the city of Boukamal.
Regime forces continued their massive military offensive throughout the country, killing dozens of civilians, wounding hundreds others and forcing thousands of them to flee their homes. Regime forces fiercely shelled the neighbourhood of Waer and the old city of Homs as well as its provincial towns of Ghanto, Bowayda, Houleh and Rastan. They also shelled the Hama suburbs of Latamna and Kafarzeita as well as the Daraa suburbs of Dael and Mezereib. Furthermore, they resumed shelling the Idlib suburbs of Taftanaz, Salqin, Zardana, Khan Sheikhoun and Kafrouma in addition to the Latakia suburbs of Kafriya, Salma Resort, Kansaba, Kart and Sqiyat Kart.
Egypt’s satellite Nilesat stopped broadcasting official Syrian television stations on Wednesday, after a request from the ministers’ committee at the Arab League. Syria, Syria News and Al-Dounia channels were stopped from 11:00 GMT, shortly after Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi renewed his call for a new government in Syria to end 17 months of bloodshed.

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