Syrian regime forces murder of 15 Palestinians in Damascus

The aftermath of the fierce shelling in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, Damascus. Photo source: SRCC.

Activists said that Syrian regime forces raided the Damascus suburb of Yalda which is situated near the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk and summarily executed more than 36 civilians including 15 Palestinian refugees. Regime forces also murdered ex-Parliamentarian Ahmad al-Turk along with four of his family members in the Damascus suburb of Harasta. Activists also reported more summary executions in the Damascus suburbs of Douma, Bibila, Thiyabiya and Zamalka and in the neighbourhood of Tadamon. Regime forces also murdered a number of civilians in the Daraa suburbs of Katiba, Inkhel and Herak.
The United States accused the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah and its secretary general Hasan Nasrallah of supporting Bashar al-Assad in his fight against opposition forces by providing training and logistical support.
In response to the regime’s crimes, heavy clashes broke out between regime forces and rebel fighters in the neighbourhoods of Hajar Aswd and Daf Ashoq in Damascus and in the provincial town of Harasta. Assad’s forces also carried out sweeps and arbitrary arrests in the neighbourhoods of Ruken Adin and in the Kesweh groves while the bulldozers continued to demolish more houses and commercial establishments in the neighbourhood of Qabun. Meanwhile, regime forces renewed their fierce and indiscriminate shelling in the suburbs of Zabadani, Douma, Artouz and Zamalka.
In Aleppo, a mortar shell hit a residential building in the neighbourhood of Karm Jabal and while residents rushed into the place, another mortar shell hit the same place leaving at least nine civilians dead and dozens more wounded. Dozens more were killed and many were wounded as the regime’s heavy artillery and fighter jets continued pounding the neighbourhoods of Fardous, Baydin, Masaken Hanano, al-Bab Road, Qadi Askar as well as its provincial towns of Deir Hafer, Akhtrin, Khan Asal, Atareb and Rael.
As the massacres and bombing continue in the country, the UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, arrived to Damascus today and met with Syria’s Foreign Mnister Waleed al-Muallem and his secretary Faisal Moqdad, Brahimi will also meet Bashar al-Assad tomorrow in a bid to broker a peace plan that would lead to an end of the crisis.
Syrian Prime Minister Wael Halqi reshuffled his cabinet by sacking the Minister of Industry Fouad Kurdi and the Minister of Justice Dr. Radwan Habibi for not being able to meet their duties as he stated. Halqi appointed Adnana Sakhni as the new minister of industry and Najem Ahmad as the minister of Justice. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transportation said that the transportation industry lost more than 18 million dollar this year due in part to the current crisis. The Syrian Arab Airlines reported a total loss of almost a quarter million dollar so far this year.
Regime forces also continued their massive military offensive throughout the country, killing dozens of civilians, wounding hundreds others and forcing thousands of them to flee their homes. Regime forces fiercely shelled the neighbourhood of Waer in the city of Homs and its provincial towns of Bowayda, Dabaa, Ghanto and Krak Des Chevalier. They also shelled the neighbourhood of al-Sad Road in the city of Dara as well as its provincial towns of Mzereib, Yadouda and Tafas. They resumed shelling the Hama suburbs of Sahl al-Ghab and Jabal Shahshabo while raiding several neighbourhoods in Hama city where they were faced with strong resistance by the rebels in the neighbourhood of Arbaeen. They shelled the city of Deir Azzour and its provincial towns of Boukamal and Mohasa. They also resumed shelling the Idlib suburbs of Taftanaz and Saraqeb as wel as the Latakia suburbs of Salma, Aido, Marj Zawiya, Dourin and Kafarajouz.

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