Syrian daily roundup Sep 27: Rebel fighters launch "decisive battle" in Aleppo

Rebel fighters undertaking a training session in Aleppo. Photo source: SRCC.

The Commander-in-Chief of the biggest rebel force of al-Tawheed brigade in Aleppo announced the start of a "decisive battle" to push Assad's forces out of the city where the heaviest fighting yet spread into more neighbourhoods such as the Hamadaniya and Azamiya in addition to the neighbourhoods of Ithaa, Saif Adola, Jamiliya, Akramiya, New Aleppo, Old Aleppo, Martini, Suleiman Halabi, Maidan and Aziziya were the rebels said they seized control of it.
Activists said that regime forces killed more than 12 civilians from the Aleppo suburb of al-Bab while on their way back from Lebanon. Meanwhile, scores of civilians were reported dead and injured as the regime’s heavy artillery and fighter jets continued pounding the neighbourhoods of Jaloum, Kalaseh, Bustan Qaser, Nerab, Sakhour, al-Bab Road, Maidan, Bustan Basha, Karam Tarab in the city of Aleppo as well as its provincial towns of al-Bab, Marea, Qabtan Jabal and Deir Hafer.
In Damascus, regime forces and pro-Assad militias summarily executed scores of unarmed civilians in the neighbourhoods of Qabun, Jobar, Qadam and Yarmouk refugees camp as well as the Damascus suburb of Douma and Bowayda.
Heavy fighting erupted in the neighbourhood of Jobar in Damascus amid fierce shelling by heavy artillery that also targeted the neighbourhoods of Qabun and Tadamon. Regime warplanes pounded the Damascus suburbs of Abada and Qarra along the borders with Lebanon. Meanwhile, fierce and indiscriminate shelling by heavy artillery continued in the Damascus suburbs of Zabadani and Artouz.
Regime forces carried out summary executions in the Daraa suburbs of Nawa, Dael, Khirbet Ghazaleh and Inkhel as well as in the neighbourhood of Mashaa Arbaeen in the city of Hama.
In the meantime, regime forces resumed their fierce and indiscriminate shelling of densely populated areas throughout the country, leaving scores of civilians dead and wounded while destroying dozens of houses. They shelled the neighbourhoods of Jobar, Sultaniya and Deir Baalba in the city of Homs as well as its provincial towns of Qosayr, Rastan, Talkalakh, Dar Kabeera and Ghanto. They also shelled the eastern suburbs of Hama and the district of Sahl al-Ghab in the province of Hama as well as the Idlib suburbs of Khan Sheikhoun, Kafernabel and Ma’arrat Noman. They resumed pounding the neighbourhoods of Hamidiya, Qosour, Jbail and Ommal in the city of Deir Azzour as well as the Jabal Turcoman district in the province of Latakia. They also bombarded the Daraa suburbs of Mzereib, Msefra and Karak Sharqi in addition to the Qunaitera suburb of Jubata Khashab.
Regime forces also carried out sweeps, arbitrary arrests, looting and arson in the Daraa suburb of Herak and the Damascus suburb of Qatan as well as the neighbourhood of Arbaeen in Hama city in addition to several other areas across the country.
Up to 700,000 Syrian refugees may flee abroad by the end of the year, the UN refugee agency said today. Panos Moumtzis, Regional Refugee Coordinator for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said that 2,000 to 3,000 Syrian flee their country on daily basis. Meanwhile, the number of displaced Syrians within their country reached more than 4.2 million.

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