Southern neighbourhoods of Damascus in Syria declared disaster areas

Cloud of smoke billows from the southern neighbouhood of Qadam following the fierce shelling. Photo source: SRCC.

Regime forces resumed their massive military offensive in the southern parts of the capital murdering at least 23 civilians in the neighbourhood of Qadam and 11 more in neighborhood of Kafarsouseh. Meanwhile, at least nine more were killed due to the heavy shelling that targeted the area of Hajar Aswad. The shelling also targeted the neighbourhoods of Asali, Qadam and Mathaniya.
Consequently, the Syrian Revolution Coordinators Union, an organization with members from different protest coordination groups from all over Syria, declared the southern neighbourhoods of Hajar Aswad, Tadamon, Asali and Sbeneh as “disaster areas”, asking for immediate aid by international humanitarian organizations and Syrian expatriates and dissidents. The Union also voiced its fears that regime forces intend to commit more massacres and called for immediate intervention to save the lives of innocent civilians.
Regime forces also murdered a number of civilians in the Damascus suburbs of Moadamiya and Yalda and resumed shelling the towns of Zabadani, Douma and Zamalka.
In Idlib, barrel bombs dropped by warplanes caused mass destruction in the Idlib suburb of Kafaroweid, and left at least ten civilians dead including a three-year-old girl whose head was cut off. Heavy artillery and warplanes also pounded the towns of Saraqeb, Hamamiya, Kansafra, Talmans, and Rami.
Fighting erupted between rebel fighters and regime forces in the neighbourhoods of Jamiya Zahra and Bustan Basha as well as in the Khan Toman Road in the city of Aleppo. Meanwhile, regime forces resumed shelling densely populated towns and neighbourhoods using heavy artillery, rocket launchers and barrel bombs dropped by fighter jets and helicopter gunships.

The fierce and indiscriminate shelling in the neighbourhood of Sha’ar left at least 11 civilians dead and many wounded. Dozens of civilians died in similar attacks that targeted the neighbourhoods of Ferdous, Masaken Hanano, Nerab, Kalaseh, Sakhour and the provincial towns of Daret Ezza al-Bab, Maghadeir and Atareb.

Assad’s forces attacked a minibus near the Daraa suburb of Khirbet Ghazaleh leaving at least nine civilians dead. They also resumed the heavy bombardment in the Daraa suburbs of Naima, Tal Shehab, Yadouda, Mzereib, Wadi Yarmouk and the villages of Lajat district.
Regime forces carried out massive sweeps and arbitrary arrests in the city of Hasaka detaining hundreds of men and teenagers in order to force them to join the regime’s army.
Regime forces also continued their massive military offensive throughout the country, killing dozens of civilians, wounding hundreds others and forcing thousands of them to flee their homes. Regime forces fiercely shelled the old city of Homs and its provincial towns of Qosayr, Talbiseh, Rastan and Krak Des Chevalier. They also shelled the Hama suburbs of Sahl al-Ghab and the neighbourhoods of Jbaila and Ja’ajin in the city of Deir Azzour and its provincial town of Mohassan where water, electricity and telecommunication have been cut off for three days. Regime forces also shelled the Latakia suburbs of Marouniya, Marji, Babna and Jankeil as well as the Hasaka suburb of Shadadi.

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