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Mass protests revived in Syria against Assad regime

Demonstration in the Damascus suburb of Douma. Photo credit: SRCC.

Mass demonstrations renewed across the country chanting slogans against Assad’s regime and demanding its downfall. Protesters also hailed the rebels of Idlib who shot down scores of fighter jets and helicopter gunships during clashes in the past few weeks.
Activists said that regime forces raided a number of towns and neighbourhoods in the capital on September 14, murdering at least 28 people including 14 civilians in the town of Hejeira Balad and others in the neighbourhoods of Jobar, Qadam and Maidan.
Heavy clashes broke out in the neighbourhoods of Tishrin and Hajar Aswad in the capital. Meanwhile regime forces resumed shelling the neighbourhoods of Tadamon, Yarmouk refugee camp, Asali and Qadam as well as its provincial towns of Sayeda Zeinab, Yabroud and Artouz.

Regime forces intensify bombardments of neighbourhoods

Regime forces intensified their bombardment of the Daraa suburb of Bosra using mortar shells and barrel bombs, causing mass destruction and leaving at least 13 civilians dead and many wounded.
Regime troops backed by tanks carried out sweeps and arbitrary arrests in the neighbourhoods of Qosour and Kashef in the city of Daraa while heavy artillery shelled the provincial towns of Dael and Kherbet Ghazaleh.
In Aleppo, the rebel Free Syrian Army continued to repel the regime’s ground assault on the neighbourhood of Saladin, forcing the regime to withdraw after murdering four civilians.
Fighting also continued in the neighbourhoods of Sakhour, Maidan, Sheikh Fares and Suleiman Halabi in Aleppo. Meanwhile, scores of civilians were killed and more wounded as regime forces shelled a number of residential buildings in the neighbourhoods of Sukari, Haydariya, Salheen, Bustan Qaser, Safeeria and the provincial town of al-Bab. Regime forces also shelled the neighbourhoods of Ferdous, Arqoub, Salheein, Maidan, Bustan Basha,  Hollok and the provincial towns of Indan, Maskana an Atareb.

UN-Arab league special convoy to meet with National Coordination Committee and Assad

The new UN-Arab league special convoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi met a number of figures from the National Coordination Committee ahead of his meeting with Bashar Assad tomorrow.
Regime forces continued their massive military offensive throughout the country, killing dozens of civilians, wounding hundreds others and forcing thousands of them to flee their homes. Regime forces fiercely shelled the Homs suburbs of Houleh, Krak Des Chevalier, Abel and Ghanto.

They also shelled the villages in the Shahshabo Mountain in the suburbs of Hama and carried out sweeps and arbitrary arrests in the Hama suburbs of Taybat Imam and Sheiha. Fighter jets bombarded the town Boukamal while heavy artillery pounded the towns of Mohasan and Quriya in the province of Deir Azzour. They also shelled the Idlib suburbs of Ma’arrat Noman, Taftanaz, Hazano, Kafaryahmol, Sarjaba and Jeser Shoghour as well as the Kansaba district and the villages of Bakas and Shirqaq in the suburbs of Latakia.

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