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On Eid al-Fitr, carnage in Syria continues

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Video of Syrian women visiting graves of conflict victims by Ugarit News

As Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr, a festival marking the end of Ramadan, Syria continues to face violent clashes between government forces and anti-government rebels. President Bashar al-Assad was shown on state television performing prayers at the capital's al-Hamad mosque today, but the country continues to be ravaged by fighting.

Below are excerpts from a report by the London-based Strategic Research and Communication Centre, which provides research, analysis and commentary on Syria.

  • Regime forces carry out summary executions in the neighbourhoods of Qabun and Qadam and the provincial towns of Douma and Yabroud in Damascus.
  • The continuing heavy shelling claims the lives of two families in Aleppo and Daraa.
  • Some 57 people die including 25 military officers, while 129 more are wounded in the blast that targeted the Syrian Army headquarters in Damascus two days ago.


  • Death Toll: 168 (Aleppo: 45, Damascus: 40, Daraa: 30, Homs: 30, Idlib: 12, Deir Azzour: 7, Hama: 4)
  • Demonstrations: 545 (Idlib; 140, Hama: 124, Aleppo: 73, Daraa: 52, Damascus: 46, Homs: 32, Deir Azzour: 27, Latakia: 13, Hasaka: 11, Tartus: 5, Raqa: 3, Qunaitera: 1)
  • Free Syrian Army key operations:
    • Killed at least 36 army soldiers throughout the country.
    • Captured a military checkpoint in the Hama suburb of Sahl al-Ghab, detaining many soldiers and capturing large quantities of arms and ammunition.

Summary of Events

Regime forces and militias executed 30 civilians in Damascus on Friday, including 16 who were murdered with knives and found abandoned near the national hospital of Douma. Four were executed in the neighbourhood of Qadam and three others in Qabun. Six refugees from Homs were executed while on their way to the town of Yabourd.
An airstrike killed eight family members in the Mowasalat neighbourhood in Aleppo while the heavy shelling that randomly targeted homes in the Daraa suburb of Ma’arbeh killed eight family members as well. Meanwhile, eight burnt bodies were also discovered in the village of Nawa in the province of Daraa.
Some 57 people died,including 25 military officers, and 129 more were injured during the blast that targeted the Syrian Army headquarters in Damascus two days ago.
Heavy clashes continued occurred near Aleppo international airport and several other neighbourhoods. Regime forces resumed shelling the neighbourhoods of Kalaseh, Hollok, Marjeh, Bustan Qaser, Sha’ar, Sakhour, Ba’edin, Sheikh Kheder, Maysar and the provincial towns of Raytan, Taqad, al-Bab and Tal Refaat, leaving scores of people dead and many more wounded.
Heavy clashes also resumed in the neighbourhoods of Asaly and Qabun in the capital. Regime forces also shelled the neighbourhoods of Qadam, Mazeh and Barzeh and the provincial towns of Dmair, Zabadani, Moadamiya and Deir Asafir killing and wounding many civilians. Regime forces continued their military offensive on the Damascus suburb of al-Tal, carried out sweeps, arbitrary arrests, looting and arson.
Regime forces continued their attacks on the city of Homs and its provincial towns of Talkalakh, Rastan and Qsair, destroying dozens of house and leaving scores of civilians dead and many more wounded. They also resumed shelling the city of Deir Azzour and its provincial towns of Mayadin, Muhassan and Safeira Gharbiya. They shelled the Hama suburb of Salamiya and raided the neighbourhoods of Marabet, Dabagha, Bab al-Balad and A’asy square in the city. They also heavily bombarded the Idlib suburbs of Ma’arbaleit, Kafrouma and Jarginaz as well as the city of Daraa and its provincial towns of Soura, Herak, Nahta and Bosra.

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