Clashes in Syria's Raqa province intensify

Protesters in Raqa provine raise banners accusing Russia, China and Iran of killing the Syrian people. Photo credit: SRCC.

Heavy clashes between rebel fighters and regime forces broke out in the towns of Tal Abyad and Solouq in the province of Raqa as rebel fighters attacked two military checkpoints and killed many regime soldiers. Regime forces responded quickly by heavily bombarding the towns of Tabaqa, Merfa and Solouq.

Regime forces continued their military offensive in the southern part of Damascus where they murdered at least ten Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp. The also bombarded the Palestinian refugee camps of Palestine and Yarmouk, as well as the neighbourhoods of Hajar Aswad, Qadam and Asaly using heavy artillery and barrel bombs dropped by helicopter gunships.

Heavy clashes also occurred in the neighbourhood of Qadam where rebel fighters destroyed a military tank and killed many soldiers. Heavy artillery and helicopter gunships pounded the Damascus suburbs of Douma, Moadamiya, Zabadani, Artouz and Saqba, while fighter jets bombarded the Damascus suburbs of Yabroud, Deir Asafir and Hutaytat Turcoman.

Siege on Homs stretches into 104th consecutive day

The suffocating siege imposed on the city of Homs continued for the 104th consecutive day making food, medicine, cooking gas and fuel very scarce, leaving the makeshift hospitals unable to attend to the increasing number of injured and patient residents and putting the lives of hundreds of families at risk. Regime forces also shelled more than 13 different areas in the province of Homs, mainly targeting the provincial towns of Qosayr, Houleh, Rastan and Talbiseh.

The heaviest clashes were reported in the vicinity of Aleppo Citadel, Justice Palace and the international airport in Aleppo city as well as in the neighbourhoods of Maidan, Ameriya, Maysaloun, Zebdiya and Zahraa whereby rebel fighters captured the artillery deployed in the neighbourhood of Zahraa and destroyed the artillery deployed near the research academy. They also destroyed a number of military tanks and killed many soldiers.

More casulaties in Aleppo

Meanwhile, scores of civilians were killed in the province of Aleppo as the regime’s heavy artillery, helicopter gunships and fighter jets resumed shelling the old and new cities of Aleppo in addition to the neighbourhoods of Shaar, Masaken Hanano, Sakhour, Bustan Basha, Sukari and Ferdous as well as the provincial towns of Kafarhamara, Anjara, Houteh, Qabtan Jabal, Daret Ezza and Atareb.

At least 25 civilians died in the province of Daraa as regime forces pounded the rebels’ stronghold of Lajat, Bosra, Um Walad and Karak Sharqi. Meanwhile, two civilians died under torture in the town of Sahem Golan and three more were murdered in the town of Ghabagheb. The regime's massive military offensive continued throughout the country, killing dozens of civilians, wounding hundreds others and forcing thousands of them to flee their homes.

Regime forces fiercely shelled the neighbourhood of Mashaa Arbaeen and the town of Okerbat in the province of Hama as well as the Idlib suburbs of Kafartakharim, Ma’arrat Masrin, Ma’arrat Noman and the villages in the Jabal Zawiya and Sahel Rouj districts in the province of Idlib. They also shelled the neighbourhoods of Kanamat, Hamidiya and Khasarat in the city of Deir Azzour as well as the Latakia suburbs of Salma, Rabea and Turcoman Mountain.

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