Lost Canadians

Not your standard new Canadian

Canadian Sandra Burke was denied her Ontario pension in 2009 on the grounds that she was not a Canadian. On Dec. 21, the Canadian became Canadian. Confused? Read on...

Human rights not a right for all, even in Canada

Three years ago Canada was featured as an "offending country" as reported by the UN Human Rights Commission magazine, Refugees.

Tug of war intensifies between Lost Canadian advocate and citizenship minister

Jason Kenney won't meet with Don Chapman, but the Minister challenges the activist in the pages of a student newspaper.

Canadian Press picks up saga of lost Canadians

The Canadian Press today reported on the saga of lost Canadians and focused on the plight of Jackie Scott, whose story was first told in the Vancouver Observer on Canada Day this year.  CP...

Lost Canadian Evi Quaid is "one of us" but still wanted in California

When Evi Quaid pleaded for refugee status in Vancouver last month, she didn't carry a Canadian passport. Her detention surely would have gone differently if she had.  Only when a lawyer began...

Trudeau leads MPs calling for citizenship law reform

Ottawa is waking up to the reality that Canada's citizenship rights are discriminatory and sexist. A Liberal campaigner urges the creation of a citizenship ombudsman to "focus solely on the thorny iss

Government violates charter by denying citizenship to Lost Canadians, says Don Chapman

Citizenship activist Chapman to appear on "In Discussion" at 3 p.m. today with David Gibbons along with Jackie Scott, Jan Makins & Ian Munro.

Canadian citizenship drama broadcast on national U.S. radio

Since the Vancouver Observer first reported the story of Jackie Scott and others like her who are denied Canadian citizenship because of archaic and sexist laws, Don Chapman has not tired. This is a...

Howard Kornblum's fight for Canadian citizenship

If Howard Kornblum was going to prove he is a Canadian citizen, he had to find out where his mother was on January 1, 1947. That was the day (nine years before his birth) that Canadian citizenship...

Kafkaesque citizenship laws bestow rights, and take them away

Navigating the extensive family of Canadian citizenship laws leaves a paper cut that could shred a moose. There is the son, Bill C–37, (male personal pro-noun intentional); the father, 1977...