Here are just a handful of Canadian celebrities or famous people either confirmed or highly suspect of being Lost Canadians that citizenship activist Don Chapman said he knows of.  He says that most of the people on the list are probably unaware, mainly because few people in Canada, let alone outside of Canada, know anything about the issue.  In case you know them, you might want to let them know.  They are:

Keanu Reaves
Keifer Sutherland
Matthew Perry
Oliver Platt
Ricky Gervais
Rachel Maddow's brother
Morley Safer's daughter
William Shatner's kids
Eric Clapton (Pre-1947 birth to a Canadian soldier father)
Yvonne DeCarlo's kids
Neil Young's children
Shirley MacLaine (pre-1947)
Warren Beatty (pre-1947)
Brendon Fraser
Max Ferguson
Robert Goulet's children
Willard Boyle (Nobel Prize winner for physics)
Collen Dewhurst's children (Marilla Cuthbert - Anne of Green Gables)
Lorne Greene's kids
Monte Hall's kids
Paula Abdul
Mary Pickford (pre-1947)
Art Linkletter (pre-1947)
Mary Pickford (pre-1947)
Senator Roméo Dallaire
Frank Gehry
Adam Gopnik (New Yorker magazine)
Malcolm Gladwell (New Yorker magazine)
Marty Howe (Gordie Howe's son)
Mark Howe (Gordie Howe's son)
Also affected by Bill C-37 include the children and grandchildren of:
Michael J. Fox
Dan Aykroyd
Pamela Anderson
Shannon Tweed
Tracy Tweed
Jim Carrey
Rick Moranis
Alan Thicke
Wayne Gretzky
Don Cherry
Mario Lemeaux
Céline Dion
And, Chapman says, the list goes on and on...