Three words: Santas in Speedos

Toronto runners brave the cold for a good cause.

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The skies were partly cloudy and the temperature had dropped to slightly below freezing as the ...

Oh, what the heck. Why pretend anyone was interested in the weather as a herd of plucky gentlemen (and the odd lady) gathered in Toronto's Yorkville Saturday afternoon for the annual Santa Speedo Run.

It's hard enough to resist a fundraising run whose motto is: "as it turns out, idiocy loves company." It's even harder when the runners are required to wear a red, green or white Speedo bathing suit, no matter what the weather.

Launched in 2005 as "a whimsical idea conjured up in a fit of dementia," according to organizers, the race has raised more than $180,000 to date for Toronto the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Toys and Games fund.

The group of anywhere between 50 and 130 runners gathers in the funky, upscale neighbourhood to run a race along a route that's announced at the last minute, but that is never more than three kilometres long (for reasons we suspect are related to the seasonal shrinkage factor).

Post-race, they gather at a restaurant that promises a heated, covered patio.

Speedo Canada chips in with free men's and women's suits ("Speedoes? Speedos’?  Speedii?," organizers ponder) for the first to show up at the start line.

For the record, temperatures for today's run fell to minus 2C. With biting winds.

We really only have one question: Vancouver, what's up?

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