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Vivian Krause explainer

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“In a recent article in the Westcoaster, Vivian Krause writes in as a concerned citizen and consumer regarding the negative publicity created by environmentalist organizations (ENGO’s) towards ocean farmed salmon,” the newsletter stated. “I no longer work in salmon farming, and am writing as a concerned member of the public…” Krause wrote in her September 28, 2007 article in the Westcoaster. In her article she mentions no employment by the salmon farming industry after 2003, omitting that she had worked for Salmon of the Americas, the organization of salmon-producing companies in North and South America, just two months prior.

Who are Vivan Krause's colleagues?

In her December 7, 2010 testimony in front of the Canadian Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources, Krause mentions her colleague Rob Scagel: “I would also like to acknowledge the much-appreciated contributions of my colleague, Rob Scagel.”   Rob Scagel, a well-known climate change denier, was affiliated with the now-defunct industry-funded astroturf organization Natural Resources Stewardship Project as an “Allied Expert.” Scagel is also listed as a co-signer on a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed by 61 scientists denying climate change.The letter was orchestrated by NRSP’s closely-affiliated ally, the “Friends of Science,” a front group that was "outed" by The Globe and Mail newspaper in August 2006 as being partly funded by the oil and gas industry.

In her December 2010 opinion piece in the Financial Post, Krause stated, “On the basis of U.S. tax returns that I’ve analyzed on my own nickel — with additional data from Vancouver consultant Rob Scagel — I testified that since 2000, U.S. foundations have spent upward of $300-million on “conservation” initiatives and the so-called “reform” of resource-based industries in Canada.”

Who publishes Vivian Krause's work?

Krause’s writing has been posted in several newspaper outlets in Canada, including the National Post, Financial Post, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Business in Vancouver, and the Vancouver Sun. Many of these operate under the Postmedia Network banner, and represent a neoconservative, right-wing perspective.

Ezra Levant, a conservative political activist and controversial figure in Canadian conservative media, has covered Vivian Krause’s work on Sun TV.

Additionally, her writing is published on a small right leaning Vancouver blog and some farmed salmon industry blogs and websites, such as, which bills itself as a site for “industry insiders.” Charlie Smith, the Editor-in-Chief at The Georgia Straight, has written four times about Vivian Krause and her allegations against Tides Canada, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson and environmental groups.

Where does Vivian Krause stand on the issues?

Krause focuses much of her recent writing on making allegations that the Tides Foundation is funding U.S. and Canadian nonprofit groups to “demarket” Alberta's tar sands oil industry.

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