2 days remain in Tar Sands Reporting Project Kickstarter. We need your help to meet $10,000 challenge.

500 people = $5,000 (and we're almost there). 1,000 people = $10,000. We need your help right now.

Tar Sands Reporting Project $50 pledge reward: a t shirt

We need your help and we need it today.

A funder has stepped forward with this challenge:  if we get 500 backers for The Tar Sands Reporting Project on Kickstarter, he has pledged to give $5,000 to The Tar Sands Reporting campaign. 

With 3 days remaining, we we are only 36 people away from 500 backers.  Please help us push over 500 with a pledge of even $1.

But here's the thing. If we're able to get an additional 500 people to back the project, pushing our total number of backers to 1,000, (again, for even $1 each), this funder says he will put in an additional $5,000 to make his total backing of The Tar Sands Reporting Project $10,000.   

500 people = $5,000 (and we're almost there).

1,000 people = $10,000

Please give $1 or more, if you haven't already.  And if you have, please ask just one person who will really do it, to give $1 as well.  We can quickly get there, but only with your help.  We really do need your help to get to $10,000.

There are so many people in Canada who care about this issue and far beyond. Please reach out to them today and ask for $1s. 

If each of you who has backed the project will get one friend to donate $1 today we're going to get the $10,000 in extra funding.

We'll be working on this until the clock runs out on the Tar Sands Reporting campaign.  Please join us.

 Here's my blog today in the Huffington Post about The Tar Sands Reporting Project on Kickstarter.
Photograph of Jen Elder, electrician, manager, on site in the tar sands by Zack Embree
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