Li Keqiang's visit to migrant laborer home goes bottom's up: The SinoFile

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang overlooks a little 'wardrobe malfunction.'

Li Keqiang, overshadowed by a small surprise in his visit to an impoverished area of Inner-Mongolia (Sina Weibo).

A  baby stole the spotlight in the Chinese vice premier's high-profile visit to an impoverished area, in what has taken Chinese social media by storm. #Bare-butt-baby-steals-spotlight is a top trending topic on Sina Weibo today.

Li Keqiang, set to assume the office of prime minister next month, was visiting a home in a shantytown in Inner-Mongolia, to the North of Beijing, speaking with a migrant laborer, struggling to combat the harsh winter that takes the region every year.

The man's child -- a toddler -- suddenly sprang from a cupboard just behind the Beijing official, hopping under the sheets, unintentionally exposing his bare bottom to the countless watchers of popular state-owned news broadcast "News Network."

It is reported that the toddler commonly sleeps without pajama bottoms, and that there was no intended offense to Li or commentary on the countless highly televised visits Beijing officials make to areas of the country that have benefited less from the last decade of economic expansion.

"Your living conditions are terrible," the report said Li told one of the migrant laborers on his visit, "Our hearts are troubled for you."

The migrant laborers Li visited are reportedly unable to return to their homes for the Chinese New Year, as most the country will when the nation's high holiday commences on February 10th.

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, the interview continued without a hitch -- the toddler's father apparently enthusiastic to meet a chief policy-maker.

But the incident hasn't gone unnoticed on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, where nearly two million users have discussed the incident in under a day. The associated hashtag: #Bare-butt-baby-steals-spotlight (#光屁娃抢镜# -- guangpi wa qiangjing).

"Openly 'coming out of the closet' on 'News Network,'" joked user Cashout Club, based in Guangxi, posting the following stills of the video footage (below).

There was little talk of how a young child in a poverty-stricken region sleeps without pajama bottoms in the dead of winter. Many seemed to find the incident adorable.

"Hahaha! Little buddy, do you know who big uncle (common term of endearment for unrelated male elders) is?" wrote PolicewenDiGaGa.

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