On CBC's The Current, Ruth Ozeki's prayer for Japan and the world

Photo of Ruth Ozeki, the year before she ordained as a Zen priest, by Linda Solomon

Author, filmmaker and Zen priest Ruth Ozeki gave a very moving prayer for Japan- and the world-on CBC Radio's The Current on March 21.  The full show is available here. (Ruth speaks at the end of the show). You can listen to Ruth's prayer here: reflection

She asks listeners to take a moment to reflect on the suffering of the people who have been affected by the Japanese tsunami, to reflect on the impermanence and beauty of life.  "We can reflect on how deeply we depend on each other, and the infinite number of ways we are connected to each other.  Our mutual interdependence is so vast and so deep that in reality, we can't live without each other.  We can close our reflection by opening our hearts to the people of Japan and to resolve to end suffering and to live together...and in peace."

Ruth Ozeki, a few months after her ordination last summer on Cortes Island...

Ruth Ozeki

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