A Pro-Internet Top 10 To Do List for James Moore

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The best long-term solution for choice and lower prices is for Minister Moore to open Canada’s locked-down wireless networks to independent new service providers. This would mean innovative Canadian providers such as Toronto-based Ting.com could offer affordable services to Canadians without needing to build an entire nationwide network of their own.

Open networks are the best way to ensure choice and affordability – as the experience of the UK, Australia, and New Zealand has proven. Canadians are looking to Minister Moore to take action on our crowd-sourced road map forward for our wireless market.

5. Improve the accountability and protect the independence of the CRTC

The best guarantee of an open Internet is a policy-making process that is open, citizen-centered, and public-interest oriented. That’s why it’s so important to protect the independence of Canada’s arms-length Internet policy-making body, the CRTC.

Canadians also deserve to see greater transparency in how members of the CRTC are appointed. Minister Moore needs to ensure broader stakeholder and citizen participation in the appointment process of CRTC commissioners.

In the interests of accountability and transparency, the government should also show how all new appointments ranked in an overall scorecard based on the must-have and should-have criteria listed in CRTC job postings. These criteria should include significant experience in the public interest or Internet user advocacy community.

These steps would go a long way to ensuring the CRTC is accountable, independent, and citizen-focused.

4. Protect net neutrality by introducing severe penalties for Internet service discrimination

Net neutrality is the idea that all data on the Internet should be treated equally. This vitally important founding principle of the Internet helps drive economic innovation, democratic participation, and free speech online. It’s under threat from greedy telecoms and media conglomerates who want to privilege their content over that of others.

Internet users want to see Minister Moore take action to protect net neutrality – such as by introducing audits and severe financial penalties for Internet service discrimination. He can start by amending the CRTC Act to permit the CRTC to levy administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) that can be used to enforce transparency requirements and regulations.

This would ensure that users are able to freely decide which applications they run on their Internet connection, no matter which device or pricing tier they choose.


3. Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership from breaking our digital economy

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