A Pro-Internet Top 10 To Do List for James Moore

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8. Install Fibre Internet in our public institutions such as schools and hospitals

The lightning-fast speeds offered by Fibre Internet are the way of the (digital) future. The small Alberta town of Olds is showing the rest of Canada the way forward by installing its own fibre network offering speeds of up to 1000 Mbps – speeds that are the envy of Canadians elsewhere.

Minister Moore should follow Olds’ example by rolling out Fibre Internet in all of Canada’s public institutions – our schools, universities, hospitals, libraries, public housing, and community centres. Again, let’s invest proceeds from the wireless spectrum auction into a lasting digital legacy that all Canadians can benefit from.

7. Protect our online privacy by putting a stop to blanket online surveillance

The future of Canada’s digital economy depends on Canadians having affordable access to an open and surveillance-free Internet. Recent revelations of blanket spying by secretive government agencies on our everyday Internet activities have shocked Canadians and have made many think twice before sharing content or doing business online.

Although secretive spy agencies like CSEC are the responsibility of the Defence Minister, their activities are undermining Canadians’ confidence in our digital economy. Nobody wants to be spied on when conducting business online. Minister Moore should persuade his Cabinet colleagues to immediately make public the details of Canadian intelligence agencies’ online spying and data sharing activities, including those involving foreign states. The government needs to listen to Canadians and put an immediate stop to any programs of indiscriminate and arbitrary online spying.

Minister Moore also needs to be a strong voice in Cabinet against any proposed legislation that would allow warrantless access to our everyday Internet use along the lines of the failed Bill C-30 – the online spying bill that was defeated after over 150,000 Canadians spoke out against it. Agree? Call on your MP to take a stand against costly online spying.

6. Lower the cost of wireless Internet by opening our networks to independent Canadian providers

Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for Internet access, whether it is wired or wireless. Over 93% of our wireless market is controlled by just three giant conglomerates – a situation that has tens of thousands of Canadians speaking out to demand greater choice.

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