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The Walking Dead S04E01 recap and review: Spoiler alert

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                                       Thanks, Michonne.

Michonne also scrounged up an electric razor for Rick. Oh, and she's smiling for the first time since, like, ever. Michonne has been out looking for The Governor and wants to check Macon next. Daryl doesn't think this is such a good idea. Michonne joins up with Team Daryl to scavenge a nearby Walmart Big Spot while Rick goes out to check the snares. Finally, maybe something will actually happen in this episode.

On the way, Rick tells Carl to stay at the prison and do chores, read, maybe even check out Story Time. They have Story Time? Awesome! Carl doesn't think it's awesome, though. He'd probably rather be pulling the legs off bugs or something. Come on, that kid is obviously a future serial killer.

Hershel (who's sporting a new prosthetic leg) tells Rick to take a gun with him on the snare patrol. Apparently the entire council (which they have now, I guess) decided that Rick going out strapped would be a good thing. Wait, why the eff you see kay would Rick not take a gun with him?

Answer me these questions three

On the snare run, Rick comes across a dying boar in the woods. A walker shuffles up to it, so Rick quickly hides. As he's slinking off, the walker sees him. Turns out the walker isn't a walker, but a really rough-looking woman who says, "Please help me."

Her name is Clara. After he gives her a sandwich, the zombie-lookin' woman asks Rick to let her and her husband Eddie join the growing prison population. Rick insists on meeting the husband first, and he wants to ask them three questions. Rick checks the woman for weapons and she leads him into the woods.

Zombies are people, too

Back at the prison, some of the young children are toying with the walkers that are pressed up to the fence as Carl and Harry Potter roll up.

Some of the girls insist that the walkers are people, but Carl is all, "Nuh-uh. This isn't some revisionist 'Warm Bodies' bullshit. They're zombies. they eat you. They're not people, they're not metaphors, well, okay, they're also metaphors, but primarily they're zombies, and they eat you."

The girls are like, "We're up outta here. Let's check out Story Time." The future founders of Equal Rights for Undead Americans leave, and Harry Potter joins them, telling Carl, "I'll catch you later, young sir."

In a previous life

Team Daryl has reached the Big Spot. They previously set up a boom box hooked up to car batteries as a walker lure.

The Big Spot had been taken over as a military installation, but was overrun at some point. Probably a metaphor for something. Daryl pounds on one of the store's windows, then sits back to see if any walkers approach the glass. Zach is on a mission to find out what Daryl did before S01E01 of the zombie apocalypse. Today's guess: homicide detective. LOL.

Daryl trolls Zach, telling him that he was actually an undercover cop. Zach almost believes him. This little scene reminded me of "Dawn of the Dead": survivors in a bit of down-time between life-and-undeath situations.

Sasha and Tyreese have cleared out the store, so it's game time. As they go in, Bob looks looks down and is disturbed to find a pair of legs attached to a lower torso. He doesn't explicitly say "grody to the max", but you know he's thinking it.

Then we see where the other half of the walker is. Up on the roof, there's a bunch of walkers shambling around a crashed helicopter. Well, most of them are shambling. One of them is only an upper half. He's just sort of flailing around.

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