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Orange is the New Black S01 recap: Season 1 spoiler alert

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Meanwhile, Pornstache is pressuring Red to let him use her kitchen supply line for his drug-running, but she resists.

S01E08: Moscow Mule

The flu is going around, prompting some MacGuyver mask construction... and some epic dancing.

Chapman and Vause continue their flirtation as they fix a broken dryer. However, they're cock-blocked by Pennsatucky, who locks Vause in the dryer while Chapman goes for more tools.

Pornstache tries to force Morello to divulge Red's contraband supplier, but the world's most adorable inmate is a lot tougher than she looks. Pornstache cuts off Miller, part of Red's family, from her drug supply, hoping Red will break in order to keep Tricia from going into withdrawal. Bitch, please. 

Red has Nichols, an ex-junkie who is also into Vause, tell Tricia that she'll be going through withdrawal alone in the SHU.

In an act of revenge, Nichols gives Pornstache the name of the supplier: Neptune Produce.

On the outside, Larry has written an article about his half of the whole Piper-in-Prison experience: "One sentence, two prisoners". Yeah, it's a shit title. Larry reads it to Chapman over the phone, and Chapman realizes just how wide the gap between them is growing.

This episode's back-story is also relevant: We see Red as she becomes a player in the Brighton Beach organized crime scene.

S01E09: Fucksgiving

What a great title for an episode. Pornstache takes the pissing match with Red to its apotheosis, compromising the batch of gravy intended for the inmates' Thanksgiving dinner. It's not like Red has much to work with in the first place: "Taxpayers don’t give a shit if it’s a holiday: We’re the bad guys."

The conflict between Vause and Pennsatucky grows more intense, coming to a head when Pennsatucky snitches on them for dancing provocatively, er, sorry, "lesbianing together". In a fit of moral panic, Healy has Chapman thrown in the SHU. Even if briefly, we experience the horror of solitary confinement along with Chapman: the lights are always on, so your sense of time slips away. The food is rancid. You don't even know if that voice you hear is real.

Larry shows up at Litchfield to visit Piper, only to find she's in solitary. He freaks out and calls pretty much everyone with a phone number.

At his own Thanksgiving party, Larry meets a guy who's supposed to be Ira Glass from NPR. Looks like Larry's column will become part of a radio show on unusual long-distance relationships. What's funny is that, though Fake Ira Glass, the show calls itself on its focus on Chapman's story at the expense of the other (i.e. nonwhite) inmates' struggles, even as those side-stories have moved more to the fore.

Sophia gives her ex her blessing to date a pastor.

After about 48 hours, Healy has to let Chapman out of the SHU, since she's been basically illegally detained. However, he calls Larry to explain why she was isolated. We don't hear the conversation, but we know what he's going to say.

As for Chapman, once she's back in the Fishbowl, she marches right up to Vause, drags her into the chapel, and has sex with her. So much for keeping her head down and doing her time. Well, from a certain point of view...

S01E10: Bora Bora Bora

A visit from a Scared Straight program couldn't have happened at a worse time. Pornstache has coerced Miller into selling drugs for him, and locks her in a supply closet to keep her from getting caught. Meanwhile, Vause has gotten a few other inmates to make Pennsatucky think she has faith-healing powers.

Miller ODs and is found dead: Pornstache hangs the body to make it look like a suicide. Nichols and Red vow to get revenge on Pornstache.

Crazy Eyes uses the Scared Straight kids to demonstrate her skill at reciting Shakespeare, and inadvertently becomes the most terrifying inmate in the room. Meanwhile, Poussey is impressed that a wheelchair-bound teen managed to start her own gang: "Y'all just... roll up on people?!"

Seeing an opportunity, Chapman alerts Pennsatucky to the presence of the disabled visitor. Pennsatucky's efforts to heal the terrified girl get her sent to the psych ward.

We learned more about Miller's back-story here: she was a homeless teen who grappled with the notion of owing nothing to anyone. We're not exactly sure what landed her at Litchfield, but surely related to the drug trade, same thing that got her out of Litchfield.

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