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Breaking Bad S05E16: Series finale recap and review (Ultimate spoiler alert)

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Jesse gets into an El Camino and drives through the compound gate, off into the night and into the world.

Walt is now having trouble walking. As the swivelbot continues to swivel, Walt goes to inspect the compound's meth lab. He looks around with appreciation and resignation. He picks up a gas mask, puts it down.

We can hear police sirens as Johnny Law closes in. We also hear Badfinger's "Baby Blue".

Walt stares at a stainless steel tank, places his hand on it, falls down, dies. The cops storm in, but they're too late.

Walter White is gone. Heisenberg is gone.


'Breaking Bad' S05E16 review

Yeah, bitch! That's how you do a series finale! Not only did "Breaking Bad S05E16 deliver, but it took its sweet time doing it, and didn't sacrifice those long silences and prolonged interactions for the sake of cramming too much in. Going back to the dichotomy set forth by Vince Gilligan at the VIFF forum, "Felina" went with suspense and dread over surprise.

Of course, the episode was not without its surprises. For example, Walt's foray from chemistry into the exciting field of robotics. Badger and Skinny Pete fitting into Walt's endgame. Every single character not ending up dead.

Overall, what the “Breaking Bad” team has given us is nothing less than an American cultural treasure: a rich and audacious story that wasn’t afraid to treat us like grownups, and that left us wanting more. During the “Breaking Bad” event in Vancouver, Damon Lindelof said, “We're absolutely sure that you'll stick the landing,” and stick the landing Vince Gilligan did.

This episode consummated the promise of the entire series: We had to find out what Walt would do when there was truly no way out. We had to see if he was as clever as he thought he was.

Beyond that, "Breaking Bad" made us look at ourselves by dint of framing the story around a man on a ticking clock. The storylines in this series were really simple compared to those of other shows. This was a series that wasn't afraid to get deviant, but more importantly it wasn't afraid to take its time.

I give "Breaking Bad" S05E16, "Felina", five robotic machine guns out of a possible five. I'd give it another machine gun if any more would fit in the trunk.

'Breaking Bad' dead pool

I've brazenly played with our antiheroes' lives over the past two months, much like Sir Laurence Olivier in "Clash of the Titans". Let's see how I did.

What Happened:     
What I Predicted: 
Walter White: Dead x_x
Dead x_xYeah, bitch!
Jesse Pinkman: Alive :)Alive :)Yeah, bitch!
Skyler White: Alive :)
Dead x_xDing!Ding!Ding!
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: Dead x_xDead x_xYeah, bitch!
Walt, Jr.: Alive :)Alive:)Yeah, bitch!
Holly: Alive. :) Alive :)Yeah, bitch!
Marie: Alive :)Dead x_xDing!Ding!Ding!
Todd Alquist: Dead. x_x 
Dead x_x   Yeah, bitch!
Uncle Jack: Dead x_x  Dead x_x  Yeah, bitch!
Neo-Nazi gang: Dead x_xDead x_xYeah, bitch!
Badger & Skinny Pete: Alive :)Alive :)Yeah, bitch!
Saul Goodman: Alive. :) Alive :)Yeah, bitch!


Okay, so not too bad. I was so sure about Skyler, though. Oh, and I still want Badger and Skinny Pete to have their own sci-fi-centric series.

How as the "Breaking Bad" series finale for you? Satisfied? Thrilled? Furious? Is there an ending you'd have preferred? Feel free to weigh in via the Comments section below. 

Thank you all for reading, and for following such an epic show with me this season.

Have an A1 day.

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