Breaking Bad S05E16: Series finale preview

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However, the neo-Nazis made a huge mistake in murdering Andrea in front of Jesse. Rather than motivate him towards new heights in meth purity, it's surely only motivated him towards...

'Breaking Bad' vs 'Dexter'

This leaves Walt facing the basic thesis of the show: What if the world found out what Walt was doing? What if his family, the family he was trying to help,found him repellent? Will Walt end up using the ricin on himself?

This is where "Breaking Bad" has excelled, while "Dexter" spectacularly failed. Both shows progressed with this ponderous weight poised to crash down on their main characters. However, the "Dexter" showrunner and writing team saw fit to ignore that core premise come the final stretch. No spoilers, but the "Dexter" finale was a quagmire of nonsense, resolutely ignoring seven previous seasons of buildup. The result was a full-on fan revolt. (IMHO, the entire final season of "Dexter" is terrible: If you haven't started it yet, don't.)

Then we have "Breaking Bad", whose puzzle pieces fit so tightly together, and at just the right time. The final season has been epic, and has given us the promise of a finale not only worth our time, but worth our loyalty over the past several years.

The characters in "Breaking Bad" live in a world in which actions have consequences, and in which people ask follow-up questions and are generally not total idiots. This leads to an interesting thing called drama. To quote a certain J. Pinkman, "Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!"

If there's one thing we can expect on Sunday, September 29, it's plenty of drama... bitch.

The 'Breaking Bad' dead pool

Wherein I attempt to quantify how likely our main characters are to die by the end of the season. I have no prior knowledge of what’s going to happen in Season 5, nor have I been handed any leaked episodes or copies of “Breaking Bad” scripts.

Alive :)                      Might Get Lucky  :/                       Dead x_x
Walter White
Jesse Pinkman
[===================+=================       ]
Skyler White
[===================+================          ]
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

For the main characters, I'm leaving it unchanged from the previous episode. While Jesse seems more likely to die, I think he'll be the sole survivor among the main characters. However, I'm not predicting a Hollywood ending for The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Cook. I think he'll wish he had died.

My mom is sure that Walt will end up killing Skyler. Pretty dark, Mom. Pretty dark. As for Walt himself, yeah, I'm convinced that the Grim Reaper is tapping him on the shoulder and going, "Hey... hey... hey..."

As for some of the others, let's play a quick little game I like to call... Live or Die!

  • Walt, Jr.: Live. :)
  • Holly: Live. :)
  • Uncle Jack: Die. x_x
  • Naztache and the rest of the neo-Nazi meth gang: Die. x_x
  • Todd: Die. x_x Maybe Todd and Lydia can meet in the Southwestern meth afterlife. Even with an eternity, though, Todd will not be able to close the deal.
  • Marie: Die. x_x I don't even know why I think this. I just do.
  • Saul Goodman: Live. :) I don't think he'll appear in the finale, having vamoosed towards a career in the cinnamon-roll arts.
  • Badger and Skinny Pete: Live :) They'll get a spinoff series, in which they pitch sci-fi episode ideas in Los Angeles while stoned as f&ck.

Feel free to weigh in with your who-lives-and-who-dies theories below, but please, no spoilers.

See you all right here on September 29, after the "Breaking Bad" series finale.

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