Breaking Bad S05E10 preview: Get ready for 'Buried' with the full Heisenberg body count

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The line in the S05E10 trailer, "Just find Jesse," suggests that our guy has dropped out of sight. Do you think Jesse will flip and become a DEA informant? Jesse hates Hank, and with good reason, but can he live with himself after the deaths of Gale and that kid on the motorbike?

If you haven't already, check out Aaron Paul's recent Reddit AMA.

Catch me if you can

Hank is, as of the end of S05E09, operating under the notion that Walt's family doesn't know that he's Heisenberg. I'm pretty sure he won't tell Marie, so I'm betting that Hank is talking to Gomez, his DEA partner, when he says in the S05E10 trailer (above), "I can be the man who caught him…the lives he’s destroyed… He’s a monster."

I don't think Hank can go public with his case yet: he'll look like a total moron if word gets out that his dorky-ass brother-in-law is freakin' Heisenberg, and he's been hanging around Hank's office sipping coffee (and planting bugs). While Hank and Marie were babysitting Walt's kids, he was off blowing up Gus Fring. Yeah, that'll go down a treat with the DEA.

No, I reckon Hank and Gomez will try to handle this on the DL.

I can't help but feel partly responsible

And not for nothin’, but didn’t this whole thing start because of Walt’s ride-along with Hank?

I mean, if you want to play the blame game, if it weren't for that fateful ride-along to bust that dude they thought was Captain Cook, we wouldn't be here. I wonder if that has contributed in some way to Hank's rage.

Sure, you could further argue that killing Tuco was an act for the greater good, as that psycho bastard would have continued racking up his own share of dead bodies in the ensuing year… but do you really think Tuco would have killed over 200 people? No way, bitch.

'Badass dad!'

What about Flynn Walt Jr.? How do you think he'll react when he finds out who his father really is? I almost hope Walt Jr. reacts with pride. He values all things badass, and it doesn't get much more badass than an underworld legend like Heisenberg. Still, "Breaking Bad" is grounded in naturalism to the extent that some degree of revulsion will be inevitable. Also, if Walt is arrested, no way will Walt Jr. be able to keep the ProductPlacementmobile.

 The 'Breaking Bad' dead pool

Okay, time to revisit the dead pool, which is changing slightly since last Sunday.

Alive :)                      Might Get Lucky  :/                       Dead x_x
Walter White
Jesse Pinkman
[===================+==                                          ]
Skyler White
[==========                     +                                               ]
Hank Schrader
[===================+=============                 ]
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
[===================+==================     ]

Now I'm thinking that Skyler is more likely to survive. Jesse, on the other hand, well, I'm less optimistic than I once was.

Walter moves into certain-death territory, and I'm surely not alone in foreseeing his demise. Hank also moves closer to that homebrew man-cave in the sky.

For Lydia, it's good news and bad news: The good news is that her status hasn't changed. The bad news is that her status isn't exactly encouraging to begin with.

Think of all this as you watch "Breaking Bad" S05E10. Also, dare to imagine the gruesome murder tableaus that Vince Gilligan is holding back for the end of the series. We've already had decapitated-head-tortoise-bombs and exploding invalids. Death by ATM and demonstration-murder by boxcutter. What will they use to take us from O_o to >_< ?

Alas, I won't be able to recap this week's episode, as I'll be running an errand for Lydia. I dunno, she seemed kind of... agitated, so it's probably important.

Keep an eye on the VO home page in case another editor takes a crack at recapping this episode; you're also welcome to leave S05E10 comments here. Just go easy on Skyler, willya?

I'll definitely be back for S05E11. In the meantime, take a look at the body count left by Heisenberg's rise to power.

Breaking Bad: Periodic Table of Death

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