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Breaking Bad S05 recap: Getting you ready for the last 8 episodes

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Skyler also doesn't respect Walt: she treats him like crap, at least until he brings her into his ever-darkening world. Now she's straight-up terrified of her husband, who is not only obsessed with keeping his wife and kids close to him, but also clearly capable of killing anyone who gets in his way.

What makes Walt even more dangerous is the fact that he's not quite as competent as he thinks he is. He makes terrible decisions that get people hurt or killed on what seems like a daily basis.

At that point, Skyler realized that she was no longer in control, and that the man she knew as her husband was gone. Her plan now is simple: wait for Walt's cancer to come back and kill him. She's not gonna part with that money, though, I can promise you that. No, Skyler is perfectly content to benefit from all that Blue Sky. Sure, she doesn't want all the money, but just enough to keep her and her family afloat once Walt is gone. (Linda and I disagree vehemently on this point. She thinks that Skyler wants nothing whatsoever to do with Walt or his money. It nearly came to blows over lunch today; Jenny had to intervene. Better call Saul.)

This brings us to Walt himself. As mentioned above, Walter White got into the meth business with the best of intentions: to leave enough money for his family to get by once his cancer killed him. However, Walt beat the cancer and got deeper into a world in which he somehow thrived. Turns out that he's really good at cooking meth. In fact, he's brilliant at it. He's a true artist.

Walt's demeanor and personal history make him very, very easy to underestimate. In just over a year, Walt has taken advantage of that, both on purpose and by accident, to climb the meth-biz ladder at a dizzying pace.

Walt has embraced the Heisenberg persona, which isn't a put-on. No, Heisenberg is who Walt really is once you strip away all the layers of suburban BS. How does that saying go again? Oh, yeah...

The animal inside the animal, the man inside the man, is the soul.
– Sir James George Frazer

So Walt didn't become Heisenberg. He's always been Heisenberg, and Heisenberg is reveling in his freedom. The real Walt will never allow himself to be bottled up again: Live free or die.

Say hello to my little friend

"Live Free or Die" was the title of S05E01, as well as the motto of the State of New Hampshire, where we know Walt will end up before the season is done.

We know that Walt will have grown his hair back and basically disguise himself as Tommy Lee Jones. We know that he'll eat breakfast at Denny's on his 52nd birthday before taking possession of a second- or third- or fourth-hand car from the guy from Deadwood.

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