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Possible missing cat in Burnaby

Cat: for illustration purposes only. This cat is not lost; she's quite content where she is, and her expression suggests that we not try to move her.

Have you seen a cat?

A cat might be missing in Burnaby. Well, surely somewhere a cat-owner in Burnaby is indeed missing his or her feline friend, but this may not be the feline friend in question.

Here's the hot tip from /r/Vancouver:

Hey I was walking home I saw the friendliest cat on Sussex and Rumble by the Old folks home..I've lived here for a couple years never seen it before. The nicest cat I ever met, It followed me for a bit I tried to post to reddit but not sure if it worked. I called the SCPA but they did not answer. I l lost it in the dark I feel terrible someone please help, I'm just kinda drunk and worried! Cats usually don't like me!

Considering all the "coyote spotted" posters I see stapled to lampposts, I would think that missing cats get found rather quickly, just not necessarily by their owners. I hope that is not the case with the cat found by the Redditor quoted above.

What drew me to this item was not just that it made me laugh (Which it did. I elled oh el, in fact. No, I was drawn to the warmth of the post, the generosity of spirit revealed during that drunken walk through Burnaby.

This person found a cat ("white with blackish spots but no collar") and genuinely wanted to help it find its way home. Also, when we've been drinking, tasks can take on that extra element of imagined importance, especially when, say, the cat (because in this case it's a cat) approaches you when most of its species stay away.

I'm not dissing you, TailsPrower... I'm saluting you. Thanks for demonstrating good citizenship. If neighbours don't look out for one another, then we're all pretty much screwed.

Just in case this cat really needs to find its way home, here's a map of where s/he was spotted:


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