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Mega-Spider vs Mutant Meteorologist: Mind-blowing video

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Super-meteorologist vs big-ass spider

Giant spider vs Kristin Gordon: Round 1... Fight!

Just when you thought it was safe to step outside and enjoy Vancouver's warmish, damp June greyshine... the giant spider has returned, hell-bent on Lower Mainland domination!

Mega-Spider is back, and he means business. The creature's return has much larger implications for Vancouver, though: When confronted with Mega-Spider, Global BC meteorologist Kristi Gordon inadvertently revealed a mutant super-power, phasing into the back wall of the set. Just like Kitty Pryde from the X-Men.

Fellow Canadian Ellen Page played Kitty Pryde in "X-Men 3", but that was just make-believe. This incident was on the news, and therefore real.

Check out the video above, but only if you're ready to have your mind blown. At the same time, recognize Global BC's bravery in hiring mutants, who are cruelly and incorrectly categorized as the antithesis of "human". This injustice is usually driven by politicians playing the fear card to secure their own agendas and careers. I'm looking at you, Senator Kelly.

(Gordon isn't the only super-being on Global's payroll. Web producer Amy Judd is apparently impervious to cold and fatigue, as evidenced by her Tough Mudder photos from last weekend.)

Whether or not Kristi Gordon is also a ninja is still to be determined. Whe know for sure, though, that she bears a deep dislike for giant arachnoids.

Kristi, in case you have a pet dragon (as Pryde apparently does, according to the interwebs), please bear in mind that I'm a public supporter of Team Dragon Mama. Just saying.

So, what unsettles you more: that a giant spider continues to menace our fair city, or that seemingly-normal people are walking around with super powers?

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