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Mayor Robertson and Counc. Carr busted in 'greenest city' Scottification scam

Mayor Gregor Robertson, in a kilt at his inauguration ceremony, with political commentator Bill Tieleman. Photo by David P. Ball.

Hidden camera footage obtained by the Vancouver Observer has revealed Mayor Gregor Robertson's dream of making Vancouver the world's “greenest city” are in fact clandestine plans to enforce his Scottish heritage upon the city.
Caught on tape meeting with fellow City Council Scots Caucus member Adriane Carr (Green Party representative of north Scotland's Clan Kerr), Carr and Robertson are seen discussing whether fellow councillor Heather Deal (Vision Vancouver) -- descendent of the Irish family Dale -- might be drawn into an alliance.
“Robbie,” Carr is heard on the tape saying to the mayor – referring to Robertson by his Scottish nickname, “If William Wallace succeeded in bringing Scots and Irish together, we can too.
“We've endured the yoke of British rule too long now, aye.”
The tapes also show the two councillors laughing as they mock Vancouverites for believing their “greenest city” campaign, which has been understandably confused with their actual plan to make the city the world's “greadhnach” city. Greadhnach -- pronounced 'greenest' -- means “happy” or “joyous” in Scottish Gaelic.
Carr enthusiastically supported Robertson's plan to rename Vancouver City Hall "Vancouver Talla Cathair-Bhaile," adding that she never understood the media's fixation on asking her environmental questions during her election campaign.
"I mean, I love the natural beauty of the Gàidhealtachd (Highlands) as much as anyone, but really -- the Grunn (People) Party has always been about just that -- the people."
Questions about the mayor's plans emerged earlier this week when Robertson referred to City Council as “comhairle cathair-bhaile” in Christmas letters to several city departments, and signed his name “Mèar” Robertson. He had brushed off the letters as “mistakes” caused by his computer's auto-correct dictionary.
Freedom of Information requests from the Vancouver Observer to the city were answered only by form emails requesting properly phrased applications to refer to Vancouver City Hall as "Vancouver Talla Cathair-Bhaile."
Staff at several former Olympic games venues have also complained that the city's planning department has been over-riding their booking and rental schedule for months, ordering the facilities to remain open at all times for new sports such as rock tossing, haggis making and whiskey sampling clubs. And the Vancouver Board of Trade has launched vociferous protests against the dozens of noisy bagpipe bands which have been clogging up bike lanes downtown for months, saying that businesses will be forced to leave the city if the non-stop piping continues.
When asked for comment, Mayor Robertson denied Vancouver is being Scottified, while at the same time adding that Scottification “will bring economic activity and partnerships to troubled areas of Vancouver,” in the absence of provincial funding.
The Non-Partisan Association (NPA), which has long campaigned outright for Vancouver's Scottification, has not revealed whether it will support or oppose Robertson's plans – stating only that it is clear that the Mayor is simply tearing a page from the NPA's platform after deceiving the public about his ambitions.
“Suffice it to say that Gregor's shown his true family crest today,” said city councillor George Affleck (of Clan Auchinleck). “The empty rhetoric of anti-Scottification that Vision Vancouver has been riding to power is now obvious. Voters will not be fooled again – and merely half-hearted Scottification will only lead to more problems.”
It is widely suspected that a Scottified city council will see an increase in spot-rezoning applications from developers of Highland-style thatched root huts, dry-stone walling, and alternative, peat bog brick energy for heating.

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