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Livin' the life of a rich dog

Jet Pet Resort is one business that caters to very lucky pets. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner 

Lucky Vancouver dogs are getting star treatment around the city. 

The Pet Shop Boys, Jet Pet Resort and Aussie Pet Mobile are all businesses around the city that cater to special and spoiled pets. 

The Pet Shop Boys is a Vancouver-based luxury boutique, spa and daycare for dogs.

If you love your dog like a child and want to buy it antique gold-trimmed dog beds, Parisian dog collars and doggy perfume, this is your shop.

Christopher Steele says The Pet Shop Boys provides “some of the finer things in life for that spoiled pooch.” 

Even rich dogs need proper discipline at certain times, consider purchasing a  dog shock collar to keep your pet inline. Some of Pet Shop Boys services include doggie daycare, in-home dog boarding (meaning that the owners take the dogs to their homes when they are closed), mountain hikes in West Vancouver, walks at Spirit Park, full-grooming facilities (where both regular grooms and fashion cuts are available), a pet psychic, a pet masseuse, as well as a boutique.

Steele and Rogowski, owners of The Pet Shop Boys, in their luxury dog boutique. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner (below)

When asked how the Vancouver dog scene compares to other cities, David Rogowski isn’t quite sure.

“I’ve been to other cities and countries. Two years ago we were in France and I mean dogs were sitting in cafes on the seat with their owner. In other countries there is probably a great market, if not greater, for dogs. But within Canada, I think Vancouver is pretty high up there for dogs and luxuries for dogs.”

In fact, Rogowski said that Vancouver is sometimes referred to as Dogcouver. 

Cam Dahl, owner of Jet Pet Resort in Richmond, agrees.

“You go to downtown Vancouver, [dogs] are on every corner. They’re everywhere.”

Jet Pet Resort, which opened in 2010, is a luxury hotel for dogs and cats that is located right by the airport. 

Their motto is ‘Because your pet deserves a vacation too.’ And it shows.

“It’s like a huge giant luxury house in here,” Dahl said. “They get pampered, they get their walks, just really taken care of.”

The dog's lounge at Jet Pet Resort has doggie treadmills that the dogs can use during their stay. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner (below)

The inside of the resort is reminiscent of a tiny neighbourhood, with brick buildings that surround a central courtyard. 

“For most of the people that come in here, these are their kids. Or they’re established and think ‘yeah, I’m going to spend this on my dog and it’s not too much’” Dahl said. 

While staying at the resort, pets can also get special spa services done. 

But if your pet is simply looking for spa treatment while not on “vacation”,  Aussie Pet Mobile can help out with that.

Aussie Pet Mobile is a spa on wheels. For dogs and cats, of course. 

The Pet Mobile is a large van that drives to your house, where the pet will have the spa service done. 

Michelle Berg, owner of one of the Aussie Pet Moblies, loves to see the pets get spoiled. 

“I love to see the finished product and I love to see the pets happy,” she said. “It’s a very positive experience. We’re able to help and be convenient for the clients.”

Koh, a German Shepard Collie mix, gets a spa treatment done inside the Aussie Pet Mobile. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner (below)

Richard Avis, president and CEO of Aussie Pet Mobile of Canada, thinks that this service is great not only for its convenience, but also for the impact that it has on the animals. 

“They actually feel less stressed when they can see their own environment, as opposed to going to some kind of grooming store where it’s very stressful,” he said. 

Aussie Pet Mobile provides services such as the 15-step spa treatment, de-shedding process, teeth brushing, as well as pawdicures. 

And who wouldn’t want to pamper their pet? 

“You have a busy life, you come home and just get unconditional love from your pet,” Berg said.

And for that unconditional love, pet owners will continue to give their dogs Parisian dog collars, luxury hotel rooms and pawdicures.

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