Barking Babies walk the runway at Spring Fashion Event

A dog walks down the red runway at the Barking Babies Spring Fashion Event. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner 

Dogs were strutting their stuff on Saturday at the Barking Babies Spring Fashion Event. 

Barking Babies is a dog boutique in Yaletown that specializes in dressing and accessorizing your dog in all the latest fashions. 

The Barking Babies store was packed with people and their pooches on Saturday who came out to watch the fashion show, many of the tiny dogs dressed up in their best clothing.

The fashion show showcased many different styles of doggie clothing and accessories, including fluffy tutus, doggie bow ties, as well as Canucks attire.

Nancy Jelenic, owner of the boutique and former resident of Japan, said that Vancouverites are starting to get more and more into the dog fashions. 

Georgie, Jelenic's dog, works the runway at the Spring Fashion Event. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner (below)

“I opened my store six years ago and that’s pretty much when I moved back from Japan. When I first moved back and I opened the store people were like ‘woah, what is this? Dressing your dog?’ Today I’m seeing what it was like in Japan five or six years ago. So that’s what’s amazing. It’s become much more normal. It’s become much more excepted. And especially in the downtown core, there are just so many small dogs.”

One woman at the show, who had a tiny Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian, said that she comes into the store very often to get things for her dogs. 

“My boyfriend won’t even come into Barking Babies with me anymore,” she said laughing. “He knows what I’m like in here.” 

She even bought one of her dogs a Louis Vuitton dog collar and leash.

“I’m going to have the dog for probably 15 years, so it has to have a nice collar and leash,” she said.

Jelenic put on the event, not only to showcase glamorous doggy fashions, but also to raise money for Search Dog Foundation

It's an organization that sends dogs to disaster zones to help find people trapped in debris. Right now dogs are being sent to Japan to help with rescue efforts after the March 11 earthquake. 

“I knew I wanted to help in some way and this seemed like the perfect way. I thought Spring Fashion Show, let’s raise some money too.” 

The doggie models pose for a picture outside of Barking Babies after the fashion show. Photo by Jocelyn Gollner (below)

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