This film offers a rare visit with the creatures in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest

GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST: Ryan Reynolds is the voice, the big name, the draw but the real star of this beautiful documentary is a white bear named Mox. She’s what the Indigenous people in this part of...

Murder on the Orient Express told once again and a true original, Jane

Also two small quirky films: My Friend Dahmer and Infinity Baby

Searching for a Lost City, eyeing the wildlife of China, honoring the guru of better cities

And there’s more: friends and monsters connect long distance, wartime feelings that don’t go away and the real life of drug addicts

Study singles out genes for aggressive, wingmen and cross-dressing birds

Experts say those traits could hold clues to what's behind aggression in other species, and even humans.

Cougar killed after Halloween sighting in New Westminster neighbourhood

Animal killed weeks after cougar in Victoria was successfully tranquillized and relocated by authorities.

Dramatic cougar chase in Victoria ends with big cat felled by tranquilizer dart

Cougar evaded capture since Sunday night, but was finally chased down by tracker dogs and tranquilized by conservation oficers.