Google joins protests against online piracy bills

Google joins growing movement in protest of proposed American anti-piracy legislation.

Ubuntu: a computer operating system built around community

It's a South African word that means "humanity to others", and no, it's not "vulvuzela".

In consideration of a reporter's tool kit

Before I hit the road for Uculet this afternoon, I facilitated a writing seminar for twenty  fellows from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. I thought it might be an interesting...

The art of drinking beer

Meet Labatt.  They bring you great beer, but what makes a beer great? It’s not as simple as beer's four ingredients: hops, water, yeast, and malted barley. It's also about the handling and...

K'naan shows up at Junos on way to World Cup

K'Naan got older. Then he got stronger.