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Earthquake preparedness 101

If an earthquake rocks Vancouver, will you be ready? Following the devasating earthquake in Japan, emergency kits at Krasicki and Ward Emergency Preparedness at City Square were in high demand and by...

Water not for sale, especially today

Ditch the plastic and head to the nearest tap. March 10th is bottled water free day.

What does the privatization of water look like?

The Ministry says "there is no intention to privatize BC’s water." But does new legislation protect public ownership of this precious resource?

Envision the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan

An interview with a city sustainability planner.

BC’s water to be sold to the highest bidder?

Water on the auction block? Recently announced plans could open "water markets" in BC.

The world's most precious resource

Water – we drink it, bathe in it, clean with it and use it to grow our food. But there is a huge gap between the public’s concern over water and the shabby treatment of water in practice.

Silhouetted Landscape From Jericho Beach

Standing on Jericho beach at dusk when the mountains were lit from behind created this silhouette effect. A large tanker was standing still on the water waiting for dawn. A larger version can be seen...

Daily Photography: Moon Shining Over Vancouver

The moon shining over Vancouver.

Deadman's Island

For this photograph of Vancouver's Naval Reserve Division on Deadman's Island, a Hasselblad camera with a Phase One back was used with a sturdy Gitzo tripod. Exposure: 45 seconds. www.melissamercier....


Some good. Some not so good. Reviews of VIFF by Volkmar Richter.