A Toxic Environment for Hope: the Problem of Youth Voter Apathy

The other day I found myself struck by a strangely piercing question: what does a broken record sound like? My family never having never owned a record player, and me not being into the vinyl...

HST referendum package distribution on hold until Canada Post strike ends

Elections BC has budgeted $12 million for the vote, which could end up being more or less expensive depending on how many ballots are returned, an official there tells VO.

British Columbia government says no to online voting in Vancouver

Vancouver citizens will not be able to vote online in this year’s municipal election after all. Ida Chong, provincial Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, has written to Mayor...

Vancouver voters to get online choice this fall

Vancouver municipal election 2011: Is internet voting less secure than paper ballots? Suzanne Anton thinks so, but Andrea Reimer believes voter concerns can be resolved.

Project Democracy website educates Canadians on strategic voting in federal campaign

Canadians tend to be a left-leaning bunch. Because of our 'first-past-the-post' voting system, however, we can end up with a Conservative majority government with just 35 percent of the popular vote...