Vision Vancouver

BC NDP: relevant or not?

The BC NDP can learn from the past.

NPA on George Bush on gays

I love the NPA on bikes.  Well, not actually on bikes.   I mean on the subject of bikes.  On that they remind me of George Bush whose attitude was something to the effect of: No,...

Sam Sullivan and the NPA haunt the Olympic Village

Two NPA deals that put taxpayers on the hook for the Olympic Village continue to haunt the city.

NPA dreams vanish in the cold, hard light of day

The NPA/Citycaucus braintrust spins good news from a recent poll. The truth is that the poll is devastating to NPA chances.

Mike Magee then and now

I stumbled across Mike Magee shortly after 2001.  In Vancouver’s non-profit world his reputation as a go-to guy was gold, and his name was whispered among friends in amazement.  The first...

West End fireworks are not just in the sky this summer

The fireworks over the West End this summer aren't just those set off in the Celebration of Light. (Photo courtesy of Telemark Systems' Live Kat Kam).

NPA remains NPA

"We are still the NPA, I am glad to report," Suzanne Anton wrote in an email to the Vancouver Observer yesterday. "It is settled," wrote NPA president Michael Davis on the party's website. "The NPA...

Vision Vancouver celebrates party's successes at fundraiser

It was billed as a chance to mix and mingle with the mayor and Vision Vancouver elected officials. Last night, at a Vision Vancouver fundraiser at Coast Plaza Hotel on Comox Street, Gregor...

VSB chair Patti Bacchus goes to the mat for Vancouver's schools

While trained fighters bloodied each other in General Motors Place in cages yesterday, a genuinely important battle played out elsewhere between the province and the city.