The American, Going the Distance, Life During Wartime, Machete and two gems at the VanCity Theatre arrive

George Clooney doesn’t say much as The American, a killer hiding out in Italy. But watch those facial expressions and those eyes. ( and read more)

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

The play eats you up and spits you out. It's brutal. It's demanding. Don't miss it.

Wave of political repression hits Toronto - youth, women, journalists targeted

Wave of Political Repression and Violence sweeps Toronto in Wake of G20 Summit Female journalist threatened with sexual assault, young women assaulted

Assault on Keefer

Vancouver Police are investigating an assault after two men were injured when a verbal altercation escalated into physical violence overnight. Around 10:45 p.m. June 12th, two men returning to their...

Black Bloc Riot at the 2010 Olympic Games Damages Hudson Bay Company Store in Vancouver's City Centre

The Vancouver Police and Integrated Security Unit officers battled with a group that inflitrated a peaceful march of 200 on Georgia Street today. The protest went awry when masked participants began...

Canada-wide Search for Parolee Stephen Curtis Smith

Vancouver Police are requesting the public's assistance in locating 32-year-old Stephen Curtis Smith who is wanted Canada-wide for breach of parole after he walked away from a half-way house in...

Fighting homophobia in schools

As I venture into summer my year goes through a drastic change. I switch from the constantly working busy caterpillar to a relaxed social butterfly. This means sipping lattés at noon in the midday...