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Video Games Live returns to Vancouver

Is video game music a legitimate art form? Let the family decide.

Live from Vancouver, a state of the gaming union address

In Vancouver, census statistics have shown that around 1 in 8 households have a video game system. But we're not just a city of video game aficionados. Just like northern California is the centre of...

Microsoft's Kinect shakes up the video game market, but at what price?

Microsoft's Kinect kicks some life into the video game industry, but will privacy pay the price? (Photo courtesy Microsoft Corp.)

Online video game insults lead to beating, victim alleges

Vancouver Police are investigating after a student at Eric Hamber Secondary School was allegedly assaulted in connection with comments made during an online video game. Around 12:30 p.m. on the...

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is a fantastic film. One of the most surprising films of the year so far. I have to admit, that when I went in to the theatre I had a completely different idea of what to expect. The theatre...

Eat Pray Love, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Animal Kingdom and Still Walking

Julia Roberts cycles off to find food, spirituality and romance in Eat Pray Love. Does she match the beloved book? (Read more)

Is it Game Over for Vancouver's Video Game Industry? Not quite yet

Is the iPhone killing Vancouver's video game industry?

RX: Gaming

Autism and chronic pain hardly seem likely subjects for video games. But Vancouver-based researchers are using video game technology to help improve the lives of people suffering from both these...