VanDusen Gardens

Ethos plays VanDusen

Fanfare for a sustainable future – the arts weigh in

With real-estate development turning entire neighbourhoods into construction sites, a recent concert at VanDusen Gardens’ award-winning Visitor Centre sang the praises of sustainability.

EPIC Sustainabie Living Festival makes green living fun

Sun, fun, and sustainability.

Fight the Seasonal Affective Disorder at the VanDusen's Garden's Festival of Lights Show

Looking for some new ideas on that perfect Christmas photo? Visit the Festival of Lights hosted by the VanDusen Botanical Gardens and just bring your camera…

2009 Festival of Lights: Light Therapy to Banish the Blahs

At this time of year it’s dark, cold and damp. Some of us get up in the dark and come home in the dark. Our energy sags, we feel like cocooning and dreams of sunlit beaches dance in our heads. The...