Happy Blog Action Day

Today, thousands of bloggers from around the world unite online to write about climate change.

Councillor Andrea Reimer and the Shifting Paradigm of Homelessness

Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer is an outspoken activist working within the walls of City Hall. The VO's Christable Schaler sat down with her to discuss homelessness and paradigm shifts.

Best Falafel: An Affordable Vancouver Restaurant Surviving the Recession With Economy and Taste

In a city where high-end, established restaurants are closing their doors faster than you can say fois gras, there is something to be said for long-standing, economical eateries that have managed to s

Vancouver's West End as "Walkable" as Obama's Neighbourhood

I live in a walker’s paradise. Well, I already knew that, but it was nice of to confirm it for me.

So I Bought a (Digital) Piano

Riding the 99 B-line is a unique experience. So many storefronts, diverse crowds of people and that comforting voice saying things like, "Next stop Main Street." Every time I travel on that accordion

Media Strategist kris krug: Olympics Will Bring World's Top Artists, Activists, Business Leaders and Athletes to Vancouver Streets

What will Vancouver be like during the three weeks of the Olympics?  What are we in for, really, those of us who stay in town and ride the international wave?  It's hard to imagine for me,...

Jane Campion's Bright Star Gets Movie Date's Top Rating

Robert’s rating:  Thumbs up. Poetic.  Ahh, 1818.  An exquisite year for the characters in Bright Star and masterfully rendered both visually and atmospherically for the audience by...

The Velvet Voice of Basia Bulat

I am always happy to discover new Canadian musicians as there is so much great talent out here. One singer that I have been keeping my eye on since last year is London, Ontario born Basia Bulat.

Lions Gate Suicide Attempt Stopped Traffic

Traffic on the Lions Gate bridge into West Vancouver was backed up this afternoon as police stopped an attempted suicide. VO's Linda Solomon provides updates from the gridlock.

Art Cycle Draw Scores of Eager Art Lovers

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