Where to recycle batteries, cell phones and more in Vancouver

Recyling is not always easy. While local cities will pick up  household garbage, grass clipping and paper and plastic recycling, people are left to find  recycling locations for other...

Lights out after 39 years at the cannery

Due to post-9/11 security concerns, Port Metro Vancouver has not extended popular restaurant The Cannery's lease, although it allowed the operation to continue until just after the 2010 Olympics.

Chlorine Manufacturer in North Vancouver Utilizes BC's Low Power Costs Before Shipping to Texas

According to a BC Hydro Summary Report, Canexus Chemicals Canada is receiving a reduced rate on power, a major reason that the chemical facility is located in North Vancouver. The American company...

Raphael Saadiq Tops off Cultural Olympiad With Legendary Soul

Raphael Saadiq brought his legendary soul music to our lofty Orpheum as part of Vancouver's Cultural Olympiad series.  If there's one thing VANOC definitely did right, it was Saturday night....

Vancouver is Becoming the World's Most Sustainable City, Officials Say, but Not Everyone Sees Green

One year ago Mayor Gregor Robertson set a visionary goal for Vancouver to become the greenest city on the planet by 2020. How much progress did the City make in the first year? Vancouver Observer ask

Mayor Gregor Robertson Welcomes Prince Edward to the 2010 Paralympic Games

“The Prince is coming,” the photographer said, focusing her camera and moving closer in towards the curb.  “Prince William?” a tall grey-haired woman carrying a large bundle of flowers, asked...

New Neon Sign to Bring Vibrant Light to Historic Chinatown

Community representatives of Vancouver’s Chinatown will join Mayor Gregor Robertson to officially switch on a new 45-foot neon sign which has been installed on the exterior of Chinatown Plaza. When:...

It's a Filipino Fiesta at Pinpin

Ask any Filipino where to go for the best Filipino food and they’ll answer you with one word repeated twice: Pinpin. Pin—what? Yes, that’s right, that one strange onomatopoeic word sums it all up.

MMA 101

Vancouver's first UFC bout will take place this June. It's time to reconsider the usual controversy that surrounds this sport.

Olympics Mascots Quatchi and Sumi Go Green

Miga's cousins Quatchi & Sumi caught training before the games began. But what exactly are they training for?