Of Monsters and Men Erupts at The Orpheum

I kind of have a thing for Europe. Specifically Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. The bands and musicians that come from that area seem to have a greater appreciation for music (so do the fans)...

Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon: Inspiring Ideas

Eight speakers. 10 minutes each. There was everything, from particle physicist to heart surgeon to urban farmer at Sam Sullivan's Public Salon.

Serena Ryder Fulfills Dream, Plays Commodore

Unlike certain other Canadian singers, Serena is much-loved here in her home country by listeners from coast to coast.

A Little Bit of Magic at the Chan

Abundance. That was a word that came up frequently during Lila Downs’ set at The Chan Centre on Sunday night. This Mexican-aboriginal-British-American performer is full of it. She sang for just under...

Randy Bachman Offers a Retrospective

This was my second time seeing Randy Bachman. A couple of things were different. First, he wasn’t playing with Tom Cochrane and Red Rider. Second, there was more, much more storytelling involved....
Balance: tiny condo living/dining/kitchen/bedroom space

Whalley is the new Yaletown: Canada's smallest condos are in Surrey

Tremendous neighbourhood potential, itty-bitty living space.

Tea culture at Pekoe Tea Lounge

I sat down with Pierre Leonardon, owner of Pekoe Tea Lounge, to chat about the growing popularity of tea in Vancouver.

After a stroke, rebirth as a comic artist

Looking for love, wreaking havoc: Alex draws all of today's world's glory and misery in his comics.

6Pack Beach's Barry Law makes beach volleyball a year-round sport in the Lower Mainland

Rainy weather is no excuse not to play: every day is beach volleyball day at Richmond's 6Pack Beach.