Vancouver Stanley Cup riots

Rioting research from Vancouver to India points to restorative justice solutions

With 200 charges filed against alleged 2011 Stanley Cup rioters, a visiting UK scholar hopes BC pushes ahead with alternative sentencing.

Vancouver hockey rioters charged

Sixty people charged, police announce.

Granville bar and liquor store owners reflect on role of alcohol during Vancouver riots

While the alcohol stores closed their doors early, bars remained opened. "It was our busiest day of the year. It was bonkers," says Paul Hickey, bartender at Jimmys Tap House.

Vancouver riots video: award-winning videographer Tetsuro Shigematsu captures shocking, heroic moments

 "It's awesome, but shocking," said a Korean tourist who was a bystander in the midst of the Vancouver riot.  Here's some footage of a video made by writer/actor Tetsuro Shigematsu....

CNN calls Vancouver "Loser City"

Ouch. And just yesterday, we were the most livable city. Here's the best from a bad day for Brand Vancouver.

The morning after: shame on WHO??

This August will mark 30 years since I intentionally and consciously made Vancouver my home. Throughout these years, I have always been very happy about that decision – until the hockey game was...

The clean up begins as Facebook Vancouver crew rallies and police give instructions on how to help

A Facebook page set up last night in response to the overwhelming sense of disgust by the vast majority of Vancouver to the riots has volunteers signing on to the clean up efforts.  Meanwhile,...