Vancouver riot

Vancouver in 2011: a year in pictures

Take a look back at 2011 captured through the cameras of our talented VO Photo Pool members.

Tsunami, riots, Occupy, civic election, casino, Keystone XL pipeline, tar sands: VO's top stories in 2011

2011 was a year of big stories on the Vancouver Observer. From natural disasters to political unrest, many of the events around the world impacted people in Vancouver, while a few of the big stories...

VPD fugitive task force helps arrest suspected rioters

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team (IRIT) is getting more resources from the Vancouver Police Fugitive Task Force to arrest suspected rioters that have been formally charged and have...

Riot fund set to compensate businesses damaged in the playoff chaos

Up to $7,000 each for uninsured damage -- but not for stolen merchandise.

Vancouver youth discuss 2011 Stanley Cup riot at forum

In response to the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot, youth from all across Metro Vancouver gathered at the downtown Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library to share their opinions with each...

The danger of crisis policy making

What unfortunate policy prescriptions are being written up on the back of envelopes right now to respond to last week’s disaster?

Not your mother's brand of anarchist

“Water polo player suspended, accused of rioting in Vancouver” I read the The Canadian Press headline, June 18, 2011. Then I heard Mike Smyth get all class “warfare”ish on the radio the day...

Vancouver riots: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Many are wondering how a crowd coming out to watch a spectator sport could turn into a mob.

Vancouver riot: stupid young men

Let's not blame the game of hockey and its fans for the riot that followed the Vancouver loss in the Stanley Cup Final.  Or make the predictable mumbo-jumbo excuses  of ...