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Vancouver kicks off Spot prawn season with the 6th Annual Spot Prawn Festival

It's Spot prawn season and Vancouver celebrates with the Spot prawn festival and a delicious Spot prawn boil.

Palki Passion with the VanEats boys

If you've never heard of VanEats, then you should consider yourself out of the loop, especially if you're a foodie on a budget. What they do is collaborate with restaurants around Vancouver to...

Not your Momma's mac 'n' cheese at The Mac Shack

Lobster and truffle oil in macaroni? Who would’ve thought that someone could create a business that embellishes a comfort food from childhood to create a modern day macaroni?

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

Spice that's nice. Like Gurkhas, when not wielding a kukri.

Why The Waldorf Hotel was the hippest place in town

Yesterday, the city learned the Waldorf had been bought by developers. A year ago, VO wrote this profile of the hotel, an indication of what will be lost.

Holiday dining at Le Tableau

Le Tableau celebrates the winter season with a holiday menu inspired by local ingredients.

Fusion fail: why restaurants should stick to getting one dish right

The term “fusion”, when related to food is becoming more and more of a dirty word in the dining scene.

Vancouver iconic restaurants DB Bistro Moderne and Lumière go out in style

Canada's first Iron Chef started it and a Three-Star Michelin Chef sadly has to end it: Landmark Vancouver restaurants Lumière and DB Bistro Moderne will be laid to rest but not before a classy exit.

Vancouver's Loving Hut serves up delectable green cuisine

Specializing in all-vegan dishes, the Loving Hut on Broadway offers a delicious, compassionate food experience