vancouver island

BC pension fund has deep stake in the timber companies liquidating Vancouver Island forests

Why is bcIMC investing in industrial logging that harms the communities that its pensioners live in?

Cortes Island ForestFest: Forest activism for all generations

ForestFest spurred completion of the infrastructure for a forest protest camp, including a kitchen

An adventure along BC's beautiful coast, captured in photos

While I haven't been using my camera much these days, I did bring it with me to Victoria.  I had a generally glorious few days - even the locals were impressed with where we live.  Sharing...

Vancouver housing market expected to slow down during winter

2011 has been the tale of two real estate markets, as mainland Chinese buyers influence some areas and asset classes while ignoring others altogether. The biggest beneficiaries of the influx of...

Another earthquake shakes Vancouver Island

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit  the west side of Vancouver Island on Thursday at 1:02 am (4:02 a.m. ET). This is the second temblor that rattles the area in less than week. Small aftershocks...

Quake off West Coast rattles downtown Vancouver

Kelowna and Kamloops felt the tremor -- and so did upper floors of Vancouver city hall.

"Rock snot" from B.C. congesting rivers world-wide in growing environmental threat

Algae from Nanaimo area threatening ecosystems, experts say.

Luxurious waterfront condos come complete with cutting edge Nanaimo

Most of us have thought about it.  Debated it, chewed at the idea and maybe even screamed it out loud. It.  That moment, when, stuck in traffic, backlogged for miles with no end in sight,...

At Canadian Chef's Congress, an industry-wide discussion on preserving ocean life

Nicknamed "Foodstock", the 2010 Chef's Congress on Vancouver Island set out to educate chefs on the environmental impact of their products.