Vancouver election

NPA's Anton concedes election

2011 Vancouver Municipal Election: Failed mayoral candidate salutes party council winners, calls it a "more balanced council".

Political hip-hop parlays on the election battle

Hip-hop isn't your usual electoral terrain, but this week we parlayed with three rappers who want to get out the vote.

COPE's R.J. Aquino a 'genuine advocate' for Vancouver, says MLA

2011 Vancouver Municipal Election: A week before the election, R.J. Aquino is still a relatively unrecognized face on the campaign trail. So who is COPE's youngest candidate?

Vancouver Vote Map comes to the aid of confused voters

2011 Vancouver Municipal elections: Where do you stand on the issues in this election? The West End Residents Association has created a Flash-based app that will help you figure out where you are.

Anton's rhetoric is Rob Ford wrong

The argument made by Anton, the NPA and their apparent mouthpieces at the Sun and Province is wrong. Occupy's more than a rabble, and Robertson's response to it has been absolutely fair, and right.