Vancouver city council

Re-Greening of Hastings Park Grinds to Standstill

How long can Vancouver retain its Number 1 spot as the most liveable city on earth, when its largest park reverts to a year-round trade fair, the author asks.

City Hall Gets Naked: David Eaves and Vancouver's Open Source Era (part one)

David Eaves is one of the main reasons Vancouver City Council passed a motion for Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source. When he wrote about this motion in his blog he said, "I certainly see this

Councillor Ellen Woodsworth: women hold up half the sky

COPE city councillor Ellen Woodsworth was jumping up and down last week, she was so excited that the women's advisory committee, conceived to address gender inequities, had gotten through. Seventy-...

The Real Deal: Experience, Passion, City Councillor Heather Deal

Heather Deal bursts into Kitsilano Coffee on Fourth wearing an Obama for President T-shirt. She has slipped away from the David Suzuki Foundation, a few blocks to the west, where she works part time...